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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


Welcome to 3W's Class Page

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What’s happening this week in 3W?

Week beg. Monday 20th May 2019

This week’s vision

Working Well Together


Spelling test and new spellings given out.


Outdoor PE- please wear suitable clothing 




Enterprise Day! Parents/Carers are welcome on the playground from 2.45 to buy our upcycled products. Children can bring money to buy their own product and products from other stalls.

Planner check 


School closed.  Teacher Training Day.


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3W Superstars

Aspire - Achieve - Thrive


Our Golden Book Star this week is...


Noah S

Noah S

This award goes for Noah’s efforts to “always do the right thing”, to try his very hardest at all he does and to get the work done that he is asked to do.  His work consistently shows his knowledge and ability to learn new skills and facts.  Well done Noah.







Previous winners of a mention in the Golden Book

3W Noah S

This award goes for

Noah’s efforts to “always do the right thing”, to try his very hardest at all he does and to

get the work done that he is asked to do.  His work consistently

shows his knowledge and ability to learn new skills and facts.  Well done Noah.


Tests!  Tests by their very nature are – testing.  In classrooms they sort the “can’t be botherers” from the “jolly good goers”, the “haven’t got a hopers” from the “I hope I’ll do wellers” and the “its far too harders” from the “I like a challengers”.  Mr Webb’s Golden book child is the latter of all these descriptions.  During our week of wonderful tests, Liam has bothered, hoped and done well in equal measure.  Thank you for sticking with, Liam, and trying your best and aiming high!


Maisie has turned a corner with her maths, working far more independently and asking far more questions.  Her English work is becoming more and more readable and engaging.  It is lovely to see such a transformation.  Maisie, you deserved this award last week as well!


This week our school aim is to “Try My Best and Aim High”, last week this was Tiara.  Any question asked, Tiara’s hand was a launched rocket…straight into space!  All answers attempted in a thoughtful and reasonable manner, always showing that she has listened and best of all, understood, what we are learning..  It is a real pleasure to see such effort; if she carries on in this regard, I know her learning will take off!


Beth has very little understanding of how absolutely awesome she is.  She always makes and effort, listening well and working her very best to complete all the work asked of her.  She is polite and helpful, she loves doing extra things around the classroom and to cap all of these attributes.  She is always showing the most engaging and beautiful smile.  Beth you are a great asset to our class.



Sometimes something clicks.  Sometimes a thought is grasped and a concept is understood and demonstrated.  On Friday Darcey had a day of “I get its!” and “Oh… I sees!”.  She grasped the idea of inverse and applied it to her work in her maths.  She conceived the idea of similes and metaphors and wrote her ideas down in her English book.  She was like a demon librarian filing facts for her future use.  She is a star!



Jade has deserved this mention in the golden book every week of her year 3 experience.  She takes on responsibility with ease, is helpful and supportive of other learners in her class, and is delighted to talk about her own experiences.  Jade you are a delight!  Thank you for all the help you have given this class this year, and thank you for all the help you will continue to give in the terms to come.



We were discussing fossils, the class and I, when Isla started to ask questions and sort out the ideas she had had been working on.  Her questions were always helpful to our understanding; her offered answers were made in such a way that she was prepared to be mistaken and took pleasure in having her wrong ideas righted.  However, she had obviously a good understanding of fossils before the lesson, she informed us that fossils are not bones, but in fact rocks. Her attitude to learning was a great joy to see.  Thank you so much for helping our class understand how fossils are made!



Myah is a calm studious, polite and helpful member of our class and for those qualities alone deserves this award.  When coupled with her enthusiasm to answer questions and more importantly, to ask them, she has shown herself to be a very independent and thoughtful learner.  During our “trial” of Epimetheus and Pandora, Myah contributed some thoughtful reasons in their defence and prosecution.  Its lovely having you with us, thanks for all your efforts Myah.



In a week of new subjects, The Greeks, Rocks, Narrative settings and Place value, to name but four, one particular child set to the tasks with enthusiasm and aplomb.  Setting some considerable time aside at home to produce videos and posters to complete her homework tasks. This child was Violet.  Her unstinting enthusiasm and can do attitude will continue to bear her the rewards she so richly deserves.  In the short time that I have known her I have no doubts of her trustworthiness, her work and desire for success.  She is a real delight.



This award goes for William’s enthusiasm to write, using a wide range of adjectives and similes, William ably described the dark and dirty bedroom of “Sid” from toy story.  His enthusiasm to complete a creative piece of work was very evident.  This coupled with his desire to be a better and improved version of himself means he deserves a hearty “Well done William.” From Mr. Webb



In the week of writing this, Mr Webb asked the class “what kind of Super Hero they would like to be?” and in a class with so many super children, one child’s answer stood out. Her hero was kind, gentle, and helpful to all those in need. I imagine the super hero listened well and thought of ways of solving her problems as well. The super hero’s inventor has already shown these qualities, and I am delighted to have her in my class. Mr Webb thanks you, for your kindness and stick ability.


Homework Challenge Awards


Well done to everyone for their efforts on our Homework Challenges. Remember to hand in your Homework Challenge book for marking to earn your points.

Remember - all homework should be your best work: the same standards of neatness and presentation are expected in this book as in school.


Some children have been awarded with their Bronze Homework Award! (50 points)


A HUGE congratulations to:





Thomas - Violet - Jade - Alex - Darcey




And children who have now achieved their 100 point SILVER homework award are:





Who will be first?





And children who have now achieved their 150 point GOLD homework award are:

Who will be first?





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