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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

(Theodore Roosevelt, former president of the USA).

Welcome to 4P

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Breaking News - to prepare for enterprise week after half-term, year 4 are collecting empty 2-litre pop-bottles, so please make some extra space in your blue bin and drop them off in the art room in the morning.


Well done to all the Year 6s who completed their SATS last week.  Playtimes and assemblies will now return to their usual schedule.


New spelling sheets are available to download by clicking on the spelling star at the bottom of this page!  Spare spelling sheets are available at any time from the top pocket of the blue magazine rack in the classroom.


As we march ahead through the summer term we still have lots of exciting and interesting things to do and learn about, including:


  • Decimals, statistics and geometry in Maths.
  • Writing stories with an element of fantasy in English.
  • Looking at forces and magnets in Science.
  • Finding out all about self-survival in Learning Challenge.
  • Creating our own Maori war-dance in indoor P.E!


See you in class!



What’s happening this week in 4P?

Week beg. Monday 21st May

This week’s vision

Respect for All.


 Outdoor P.E


Wednesday  RE / Learning challenge.  Class photos.


Indoor P.E, Ukulele and times table challenge.


INSET day - no school.



Whole-school calendar - click here

Our Class Timetable (Subject to Change)

4P Superstars

Aspire - Achieve - Thrive

Our Golden Book Star this week is...

This week’s Golden Book star for 4P is Abigail B,


What is it that holds a class together?  Is it the bricks?  Is it the mortar?  Is it the all the gel that the year 5 and 6 boys use in their hair?  Well, in 4P our class works in large part because of the children who live the Sawley values day in and day out – they lead the way so that others have the space to learn and grow.  When I try think of a child who always wants to learn, who tries her best and works well with everyone, it’s hard not to see Abigail’s cheeky, little face smiling back at me – often because she appeared at my desk with a good joke to tell!     Whether the day’s learning journey is easy or challenging, I know that Abigail will always try hard to be the best ‘Abigail’ that she can be and we in 4P believe that this deserves to be celebrated – well done Abigail.



Homework Challenge Awards


Well done to everyone for their efforts on our Homework Challenges. Remember to hand in your Homework Challenge book for marking to earn your points.

Remember - all homework should be your best work: the same standards of neatness and presentation are expected in this book as in school.


If children could hand their homework in by the end of school on Wednesday, then I can calculate the points and have the books returned on Friday ready for the weekend.


Some children have been awarded with their Bronze Homework Award (50 points)!!!


A HUGE congratulations to:

(Coming soon)





Who will be first?


And children who have now achieved their SILVER homework award (100 points) are:

(Coming soon)


Who will be first?


And children who have now achieved their GOLD homework award (150 points) are: 

(Coming soon)


Who will be first?

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