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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

– Carl Sagan


What’s happening this week in 4W?

Week beg. Monday 21st May 2018

This week’s vision

Try My Best, Aim High!




Indoor PE


Out door PE (Cancelled because of class photos)


Times tables challenge!

Teachers away from class for planning and assessment in the afternoon.  Bring in your Ukuleles.  Planner Check - Spelling test may not occur due to time constrainsts.


School closed to students, INSET day (Teacher training)

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4W Superstars

Aspire - Achieve - Thrive


Our Golden Book Star this week is...


No award issued due to SAT's arrangements.







Homework Challenge Awards


Well done to everyone for their efforts on our Homework Challenges. Remember to hand in your Homework Challenge book for marking to earn your points.

Remember - all homework should be your best work: the same standards of neatness and presentation are expected in this book as in school.


Some children have been awarded with their Bronze Homework Award!


A HUGE congratulations to:




Who will be first?





Lucas W





And children who have now achieved their SILVER homework award are:





Who will be first?




Lucas W



And children who have now achieved their GOLD homework award are:

Who will be first?



Lucas W

Previous Golden Book Winners:


Connor works well in class, he completes his tasks to the best of his abilities and he tries hard to apply all that he has learned.  He enters into class discussions, making his observation sensitively and with thought.  He has a ready wit and without being domineering, is keen to engage in banter at all levels, I count myself very fortunate to have the likes of Connor in our class.  Well done young man and a big thank you from Mr Webb.



Nico is a very capable and bright young man, and now that he is class most of the time (for which he also needs congratulating) he has revealed himself to be not only a creative artist, but also a wonderful writer, with a well-developed sense of narrative and character.  I really look forward to reading his prose.  His stories, although short, are wonderful!


Oscar is a wonderful young man to have in the class, and I consider myself fortunate to have someone with his attention to detail and good sense with us.  His maths is progressing at a great rate and I am delighted at all the extra work he accesses, his handwriting has shown considerable improvement, along with his creativity in both to plot and character.  Great work keep it up!



Joseph relishes a challenge, is not shy of making himself shine and has a very developed sense of humour.  His efforts are much appreciated, as he always lives up to the school’s aim of “Be Happy. Be Safe”.

His use of punctuation in his English work has been particularly pleasing to see, as he listens and applies all that we discuss in these lessons.  Joseph always goes beyond what I ask of him, and shows himself to be considerate in all that he does.

It is a delight to have a young man like Joseph in the class, keep it up.



We had our class play last week.  Many of the children shone in the show, but the most impressive for me was this young man.  I think he would freely admit to not being entirely at home on the stage, and that acting is not something he finds easy, this coupled with taking on a role at the last moment because of fellow student’s illness and learning the lines makes him doubly brave.  And like the best of actors Dominik worked hard to allow those around him to shine more brilliantly.  Great work Dominic; much respect deserved, and given.  Thank you.



What a delight!  Evan has developed into an enthusiastic and charming young man, with many friends and a kind and helpful nature.  I have been too slow to recognise the efforts that Evan has made with regards to his learning and his friendships in school.  I am thrilled to see the progress he is making in all subjects and with his growing maturity.  Mr Webb thanks you for your sensible attitude, your enthusiasm for learning and your great humour



Callum has made wonderful efforts with his attitude this week.  He has used kind words and found, through his own efforts, that school is a far more pleasant place to be than, I think he could ever have imagined.  This week: he has worked well with his class mates, helped others achieve what needs to be done in lessons and shown himself to be a wonderfully kind and sympathetic young man.  I really like this version of Callum.  Keep it up.


I am surprised to be writing this award.  Not because Gracie doesn’t deserve it, but because she has earned her second award so close to her first.  Gracie is trying new things, she is rapidly becoming the “go to girl” for explanation of difficult concepts, and the young lady for answers to tricky issues.  She does not hesitate to give opinion and seems to relish correcting her errors.  This is a wonderful thing to see happening, again and again and again.  Thank you for your continued efforts Gracie.



Ben is working hard each day to be a better and better student.  When it comes to the tasks at school he is given he is the very model of a child that tries his best and aims high.  He shows steady improvement in his writing skills, grasping the ideas behind sentence construction and use of writing devices.  He is a helpful and thoughtful young man who does himself proud.  Well done Ben.



Evie relishes a challenge, is not shy of making herself shine and has a developed sense of humour. 

    Her efforts are much appreciated as she always lives up to the school’s aim of “Working Well Together”.

    Her use of punctuation in her English work has been particularly pleasing to see, as she listens and applies all that we discuss in these lessons. Evie’s efforts, when working with other in the class, to produce a structure to with stand an Earth quake literally “stood” out, and stood up!

    It’s a delight to have a young lady like Evie in the class, keep it up.




Happily, it seems fitting, in this time of Advent, that the gift of a Golden Book mention should be

open to Holly. Last week’s school aim was “Be happy, Be safe”, and this young

lady is the very embodiment of these ambitions. Always jolly, spreading her mood across the room;

loving and kind, helping her class colleagues know what to do, because she always listens.

You should be celebrated in song:, “Of all the children in the class, Holly bears the crown”!



Emily relishes a challenge, is not shy of making herself shine and has a very developed sense of humour.  Her efforts are much appreciated as she always lives up to the school’s aim of “Be Happy. Be Safe”.

Her use of punctuation in her English work has been particularly pleasing to see, as she listens and applies all that we discuss in these lessons.  Whilst discussing the question “Are volcanoes evil?” Emily gave some very powerful and well considered arguments to support her viewpoint.

It’s a delight to have a young lady like Emily in the class, keep it up.



Louie has had a break through; he has found that he can actually do his work.  Louie has shown a brilliant improvement with his times-tables, by “working them out”. 

He loves to help out, where ever possible and loves to be a support to his many friends.  Absolutely fantastic.  Great work Louie.  Keep it up.



Jessica tries her best in all that she does, her sporting ability is amazing, showing an understanding of fair play and how to get the best out of her team.  Her written work is so beautifully presented, that it is of a standard that Mr Webb wishes he could manage.  Her thoughtfulness and concern for her friends and classmates is always shown in all that she does.  With Jessica in our class it is easy to see that we can all “Be happy, be safe.”



Finlay is a living example of all the things we hold dear at Sawley Junior School.  His happiness is always on show, he shows respect to all his friends, being quick to help, and ready to listen.  He can always be relied upon to work well and thoughtfully with his class mates, showing respect for all, whilst always trying his best and aiming high.  This young man wants to learn, always offering careful and thoughtful ideas.  Every day he is willing to push himself to experience different things! Finley is a role model for us all.


Lucas C

Lucas always produces powerful words and phrases that are engaging and thoughtful! 

It is incredible to witness, Lucas can, and does, produce great work in the time it takes for the rest of the class to tidy away their pencils.


Joe is completely dench (GREAT!!).

Joe is first to start a task, check and redraft, he is a child that keeps at a job until he has done it to the best of his ability. This Art week, Joe kept at his canopic jar (soon to be finished) until its surface was smooth and clean, ready for painting. His drawings have shown an understanding for shape and form, and that he listened carefully to previous instructions. In all that he does, Joe shows that he empowers his learning by being a reflective and resourceful thinker.

Joe you are one dench dude!



Mr Webb has been thrilled to meet with all the children in his new class.  Not least of whom is Ines.  Ines has been a little shy at saying what she needs to help her learn, but over this last week Mr Webb has caught sight of her potential.  If you keep on talking Ines, you will keep on learning.  It has been great to shake your hand and hear your views.

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