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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


Welcome to 56C!




What’s happening this week in 5/6C?

Week beg.  Monday 16th July

This week’s vision

Respect for All!


No Swimming





Activity Day! Remember to bring a hat, water bottle and wear some suncream!




Last Day of Summer term! 

Non-school uniform. Toy-day! Please do not bring electronic toys/games. 


Whole-school calendar - click here

Re:  Year 5 Puberty Lesson

Due to network and computer issues we are delaying the puberty talk for the first couple of weeks back in year 6.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

56C Superstars

Aspire - Achieve - Thrive

Our Golden Book Star this week is...




Our Golden Book winner this week is Poppy! Poppy is such a fantastic member of 5/6C and someone we can always look to as a role model. Something Poppy has really worked hard on this year is her homework challenges. Every week, Mrs Cotter looks forward to finding out what Poppy has been working on over the weekend! She really shows that she is ‘Wanting to Learn’ all of the time, inside and outside of school! Whether it is a detailed diary entry; a survey (with data analysis); a factual report; or a creative model; Poppy will give it 100%! Mrs Cotter has been particularly impressed by her recent data collection of the  family’s recycling habits and her beautiful model of Wilmot – completely made out of ‘rubbish’! Well done Poppy – keep up that fabulous work!


Homework Challenge Awards


Well done to everyone for their efforts on our Homework Challenges. Remember to hand in your Homework Challenge book for marking to earn your points.

Remember - all homework should be your best work: the same standards of neatness and presentation are expected in this book as in school.


Some children have been awarded with their

Bronze Homework Award (50 points)!!!


A HUGE congratulations to:








And children who have now achieved their

SILVER homework award (100 points) are:

A HUGE congratulations to:








And children who have now achieved their

GOLD homework award (150 points) are


Who will be first?



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Welcome to our brand new website! We have listened to parent feedback and tried to make the content you use most often more accessible. Please bear with us while we do some 'housekeeping' on some of the pages and move some of the content around.

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