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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



Hello, welcome to Miss Bexson's class



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On here you will find all the information you need for the current week! So if you are ever stuck for what is happening, check it out right here!!

What’s happening this week in 5B?

Week beg: Monday 15th July

This week’s vision



Spelling Test and Attendance Awards assembly


 Activity day- please come in PE kit and bring hat and water bottle.


Pupil of the Year Awards




Last Day- pupils break up for summer. Bring in a non-electrical toy :)

Whole-school calendar - click here






5B Leaving Poem From Miss B


A little something for all my wonderful 5Bs


The time has come to say farewell,

This last year together has been swell,

But before we say our last goodbyes,

And wipe the tears from our eyes,

There’s something special I need to say,

To each of you on this, our last day.

Charlie, you have been a pleasure,

Memories of your art I’ll treasure.

Abigail B what can I say?

Your smile brightens each and every day.

Jaiden wow, what a year,

From slightly shy, to showing no fear.

Cole your kindness has warmed my heart,

A joy to teach from the very start.

Joe what a mathematical whizz,

Your attitude to learning is the absolute bizz.

Toby your jokes always made me laugh,

Best of luck on your year 6 path.

Nico gosh what an impressive artist,

Drawing is clearly where your heart is.

James you have been a true delight,

This year you’ve aimed as high as a kite.

Callum your singing bought a tear to my eye,

As will saying my last goodbye.

Sophie you have been a real treat,

Your excellent manners and always ever so sweet.

Elijah you have come so far,

From giggling fits to working hard.

Hope what a kind and fun-loving girl,

Round and round the hula hoop you twirl.

Louie so helpful and neat,

A superstar who’s hard to beat.

Phoebe your smile lights up the room,

Helping to rid the classroom of any gloom.

Ines your hugs always made my day,

Oh what fun we had along the way.

Finlay you tried so hard with your writing,

The potential you show is very exciting.

Harry is your lunchbox on the trolley?

I’ll miss your sense of humour, so jolly.

Holly you have simply been a dream,

Ready to learn always looking keen.

Ruby a wonderful friend to all,

In year 6 I just know you’ll have a ball

Freya so kind and super hardworking,

Of many merits you were deserving.

Stanley you have grown up so much,

Now able to get on without a fuss.

Abbie I couldn’t have asked for more,

A superb example to one and all.

Abigail a splendid teacher’s assistant,

Fond memories of you will never be distant.

Olivia what a remarkable young lady,

Who one day could be prime minister maybe.

Venu always putting up your hand,

Giving answers nothing short of grand.

Lily-May with your infectious laugh,

I’ll miss your feistiness and sass!

And that is it my amazing 5Bs,

It’s sadly time for us to leave.

Thank you for being simply the best,

Now for us all to have a well-earned rest!

Thank you for making my last year at Sawley magical,

I wish each and every one of you lots of luck for year 6,

I’ll miss you all madly.


Best wishes Miss Bexson J

Bob the Owl Man

Bob the Owl Man 1

A very big thank you for the year 5 children who came to Miss Bexson's Wellbeing Wednesdays class for the last 12 weeks. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and found new ways to unwind, relax and cope with everyday stresses.

5B's E-Safety Raps

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Take a look at the girls fantastic E-Safety Rap

5B Superstars

Aspire - Achieve - Thrive

5B Merit Awards Winners

5B Merit Awards Winners 1


Our Golden Book Star this week is Finlay!

 Very well done Finlay, Miss Bexson is very proud of you for your great effort in all subjects recently.

Homework Challenge Awards


Well done to everyone for their efforts on our Homework Challenges. Remember to hand in your Homework Challenge book for marking to earn your points.

Remember - all homework should be your best work: the same standards of neatness and presentation are expected in this book as in school.


Some children have been awarded with their

Bronze Homework Award (50 points)!!!


A HUGE congratulations to:









And children who have now achieved their

SILVER homework award (100 points) are:






Who will be first?


And children who have now achieved their

GOLD homework award (150 points) are


Who will be first?




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