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In English this term, we are going to be reading the Egyptian Creation story and writing narratives, recounts and diaries to delve into the story and gain a deeper understanding of the text. 


On this page, you will find your weekly spelling list. 

We will complete our spelling test every Thursday morning.


Our spellings

To be tested on Thursday 19th October 2017


Due to technical difficulties, these spellings will be re-uploaded later today.


Thank you for your patience

  A B C D
1 into continue continued continuing
2 in decide decided decidedly
3 are describe described describing
4 as differ different differently
5 back difficult difficult difficulty
6 by appear disappear disappearance
7 he early early earliest
8 up earth earth earthly
9 no hear heard heard
10 from heart heart heartily



Unless told by your teacher, choose a set which will challenge you. If you get all of your spellings right 3 weeks in a row, move up a group.


These spellings will be printed out for you to glue into your planner on Monday.

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