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English this Term


In English this term we be finishing our work on narrative poetry before moving on to look at play scripts.



Spellings to be tested on 02 / 03.


         A                  B                    C                    D

1:    were       possession     possessive    possessiveness

2:    people    people            peopling        population

3:    make      potato             potatoes        potatoes

4:    but          pressure        pressuring      pressurise

5:    so           recent            recently          recently

6:    very        regular           regularly         regularly

7:    your        therefore        therefore        therefore    

8:    you’re     women           women           women

9:    an           there              they’re            they’re

10:    where   they’re            their               their



Unless told by your teacher, choose a set which will challenge you. If you get all of your spellings right 3 weeks in a row, move up a group.


The following week's spellings will be given out to be glued to your planner on Fridays.  They are spare copies pinned by a magnet to Mr Poole's whiteboard - feel free to take one - or two if there is anyone else in your family who would like to learn some spellings too!

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