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Here you will find out what is happening in our English lessons and the spellings for each week.


During our first three weeks of English lessons we will be learning how to write fantasy stories.

We will look at what makes stories intriguing and interesting, we will find out what a good character description looks like and how to describe a setting.


What is your favourite fantasy story?

Can you magpie any vocabulary or ideas?


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Hot writes


On Monday 16th October, Miss Bexson's English group will be completing their Hot Write of their own fantasy story to show off all the lovely things they have learnt over the last three weeks. These will be sent home along with their Cold Writes to show each child's learning journey. They have all worked very hard and Miss Bexson is looking forward to reading them all!!





This week's spelling focus is words ending in 'able' and related words.


1. adore 2. adorable
3. adorably 4. adoration
5. apply 6. applicable
7. applicably  8. application
9. consider 10. considerable
11. considerably 12. consideration
13. tolerate 14. tolerable
15. tolerably 16. toleration


Bronze - practice spellings 1-10.

Silver - practice spellings 1-12. 

Gold - practice spellings 1-16. 


You can use the activity sheet to help you practice!

We will have our spelling test each Friday. 


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