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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


5B's English page


Here you will find out what is happening in our English lessons and the spellings for each week.



Week beginning: 17th September


We will be continuing to look at stories from the Rainforest. This week we will be looking at how to develop characterisation through 'showing, not telling'. We will also be looking at how to write our own stories in preparation for our hot writes.


Show Don't Tell - This is the technique of creating a picture for the reader of how a character is feeling such as 'Tears began to roll down her cheeks.' rather than simply 'She was sad.'


Spelling Test: Monday 24th September

















Spellings Test

This week's spelling focus is the letter string 'ough'

Use a dictionary to find out the definitions of any unfamiliar words!



1) tough

2) toughen

3) enough

4) cough

5) though

6) although

7) dough

8) through

9) thorough

10) thoroughly

11) borough

12) plough

13) bough

14) rough

15) roughen

16) roughly



Test date: Monday 24th September


Bronze - practice spellings 1-10.

Silver - practice spellings 1-12.

Gold - practice spellings 1-16.


For those children who get less than half marks two weeks in a row, they will need to repeat the test the following Wednesday.








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