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Here you will find out what is happening in our English lessons and the spellings for each week.



New Topic: Stories from other cultures










Spellings Test- Friday 18th May

This week's spelling focus is the endings CIOUS and TIOUS

Use a dictionary to find out the definitions of any unfamiliar words!


1. vice 2. vicious 

3. grace

4. gracious
5. space 6. spacious
7. precious 8. conscious
9. delicious 10. malice
11. malicious 12. suspicious
13. ambitious 14. caution
15.  cautious 16.    fictitious







Bronze - practice spellings 1-10.

Silver - practice spellings 1-12.

Gold - practice spellings 1-16.


For those children who get less than half marks two weeks in a row, they will need to repeat the test the following Wednesday.






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