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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


Mrs Cotter's English page


The Titanic! What made the unsinkable ship sink?


This half term we will be learning all about The Titanic as part of our Learning Challenge. All of our English lessons will be based around this theme and we will be producing pieces of work to reflect what have learned.


We will create newspaper reports, persuasive adverts, balanced arguments and letters to name a few!



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We are now introducing a new way of doing spellings at Sawley!

The children will learn four spelling rules continuously for four weeks. The children will take part in lots of activities with their classes at school to help them learn the spelling rules. There will be a different spelling list every week using the same rules.


This week's spellings to be tested on Monday 15th July.


Set A Set B Set C  
elegant elegant elegant  
elegance elegance elegance  
relevant relevant relevant  
relevance relevance relevance  
intelligent intelligent intelligent  
intelligence intelligence intelligence  
however fragrance fragrance  
furthermore residence residence  
nevertheless community community  
  competition competition  







We will have our spelling test each Monday 




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