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Here you will find out what is happening in our English lessons and the spellings for each week.


During our first three weeks of English lessons we will be learning how to write fantasy stories.

We will look at what makes stories intriguing and interesting, we will find out what a good character description looks like and how to describe a setting.


What is your favourite fantasy story?

Can you magpie any vocabulary or ideas?


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Setting Descriptions


We have been refining and up-leveling our writing to include expanded noun phrases and exciting vocabulary to paint a picture in the readers mind. 


Here are some examples that made Mrs Cotter say 'Wow!' 

What do you think?


As I stumbled out of the grand wardrobe with strong wooden doors, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a tall, grand tree with bright-orange leaves which were falling off its branches, and a sparkling, clear-blue lake that glistened in the sunlight. 

By Poppy 


As I cautiously walked out of the old, rusty wardrobe, excited by my discovery, I saw in a glimpse of my eye, a bright light shoot up into the polluted air... I could smell magnificent cake with a slight hint of ginger that filled my lungs. 

By Olly R


As I fell out of the oak-wood wardrobe, I stumbled across a massive heap of snow with green leaves darted all over it. The snow was like feathers, it was that soft. 

By Max 


I saw the most magnificent landscape with a shiny waterfall coming from a cave in the top of a snowy mountain;  a stream that glittered in the sunlight. 

By Aimee


As I walked on, the surface felt different. Instead of the smooth, hard wood, I felt sharp, crumbly stuff. Then I realised that the orange light was a raging fire next to an abandoned castle, with rats scurrying around.

By Archie


I looked up to see an astonishing view. A light breeze blew on my face. In the distance, a forest caught my eye and the snow-tipped mountains had an enormous castle built into the side. 

By Xander 


As I walked out of the wardrobe, I saw a delicious looking cloud with chocolate frosting. I looked back at the big, brown, glossy wardrobe next to the candy cane tree. 

By Maddison



This week's spelling focus is words ending in 'able' and related words.


1. adore 2. adorable
3. adorably 4. adoration
5. apply 6. applicable
7. applicably  8. application
9. consider 10. considerable
11. considerably 12. consideration
13. tolerate 14. tolerable
15. tolerably 16. toleration


Bronze - practice spellings 1-10.

Silver - practice spellings 1-12. 

Gold - practice spellings 1-16. 


You can use the activity sheet to help you practice!

We will have our spelling test each Friday. 

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