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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor


Mrs Cotter's English page


Our first topic in Mrs Cotter's English class will be Stories From Other Cultures. 

We will be looking at stories that link to our rainforest learning challenge topic and considering the messages the stories tell us about caring for our environment. 

After reading and discussing a variety of stories we will be writing some of our own for our Hot Writes. 


Image result for the great kapok tree         Image result for shamans apprenticeImage result for where the river meets the sea book




This week's spelling focus is the letter string 'ough'

Use a dictionary to find out the definitions of any unfamiliar words!


1) tough

2) toughen

3) enough

4) cough

5) though

6) although

7) dough

8) through

9) thorough

10) thoroughly

11) borough

12) plough

13) bough

14) rough

15) roughen

16) roughly



Test date: Monday 24th September


Bronze - practice spellings 1-10.

Silver - practice spellings 1-12. 

Gold - practice spellings 1-16. 



We will have our spelling test each Monday. 



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