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Welcome to our 'Marvellous English' page. 

Here you will find out about revision materials, genres of writing and anything that will be needed in our year 6 writing toolkit! 


To kick start the year, we will be focusing on story writing!

Alongside this, children will be given regular targets to ensure continuing improvement in:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation 
  • reading skills


Wb 9th October

This week we will continue to complete our Tudor inspired stories. 

Below is an opening of one of our stories. Henry the 8th needs to go on a quest to find a golden razor to sort out his 'hairy' situation! 


"For the cries of Anne Boleyn!" shockingly roared King Henry. The gigantic sound wave was probably loud enough to spread across the whole of England. His jaw dropped as he stared into the 'Royal Mirror'. Henry's whole face was covered in hair. 
"Mum! Mum! Liz! Where are you?" he screamed. 
"She died years ago...you are thirty-six," called a voice. As quick as a flash he thought he needed to go on a quest. But...he would need someone to go along with him. 
"Maybe, I could set up a competition for the best artist." Henry muttered. "The winner could be rewarded with a quest with...me! But who..." 



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