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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



In English this half-term we will be writing persuasive letters.


We will be analysing the language features of persuasion texts such as adjectives, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and rhetorical questions to help us write our own!


We will be linking our English lessons to our Learning Challenge topic - recycle, reduce and reuse! 



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17th May

Test: 23rd May

Group A and B


1) autograph

2) autobiography

3) automatic

4) autofocus

5) autocorrect

6) autopilot

7) autopsy

8) automobile

9) autonomy

10) autocue













Group C


1) pause

2) cause

3) sauce

4) fraud

5) launch

6) author

7) August

8) applaud

9) astronaut

10) restaurant


Example sentences to help understand the meaning of the words:


I met my favourite pop star and asked them for their autograph.

When I am older, I will write an autobiography about my life.

At the supermarket, they have automatic doors so that you don't have to push them when you're carrying your heavy shopping!

My camera has an autofocus button so that my picture isn't blurry.

An autopilot allows the plane to fly without a human controlling it!

An automobile is a type of car.

Between the First and Second World Wars, Canada gained greater autonomy from Britain.

Some presenters on TV shows use an autocue which is a screen that they read from.



Can you pause the television whilst I go to the kitchen, please?

Earthquakes in the sea can cause a tsunami.

My favourite sauce to have with chips is ketchup!

The criminal committed fraud and stole loads of money!

I watched a rocket launch into space!

August is a summer month.

I hope the audience is going to applaud the singer.

Tim Peake is a British astronaut who went to the International Space Station.

Let's go to the restaurant after the cinema.











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