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In English this term, we are going to be starting our topic be learning about some Black History. Then, we will be starting our persuasion topic where we will learn to see different view points. We will learn lots of techniques to put our points across clearly and articulately! We will link this to our trip to Twycross Zoo by looking into endangered animals and the arguments for and against conservation in zoos.


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In Summer term, 4J need to practice:

  • Writing spellings correctly in our work.
  • Using full stops and capital letters consistently.
  • Using apostrophes in the correct places- namely for posession.
  • Using inverted commas (speech marks) and punctuating them correctly.
  • Using commas.


Our spellings:

   This term, we are trying out a new spelling format. Children will revise the words from the answer sheet (we recommend 10 spellings per week). When children complete the test, they will see the spellings they are confident with and they will then go home and learn the remaining spellings from the list. When a child correctly spells all the words on the list 2 weeks in a row, they will move from bronze to silver etc. 


The spellings provided are from the National Curriculum Year 3/4 spelling list. These are the spellings that children must know by the end of Year 4. 

Bronze spelling list

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