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In English this term, we are going to be finishing off our play scripts and moving on to fictional stories with a theme.  We will be learning how to structure and write fictional stories with a theme and will be studying some well known themed stories to investigate how real authors successfully write these stories.


In Spring term, 4J need to practice:

  • Writing spellings correctly in our work.
  • Using full stops and capital letters consistently.
  • Using apostrophes in the correct places- namely for posession.
  • Using inverted commas (speech marks) and punctuating them correctly.
  • Using commas.


Our spellings:






This term, we are moving to 3 columns rather than 4. The A column is a combination of A and B difficulty from last half term.


Unless told by your teacher, choose a set which will challenge you. If you get all of your spellings right 3 weeks in a row, move up a group.

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