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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Exciting English!


English CAN be exciting!


Here at Sawley Junior School, we aim to enthuse children to become fabulous readers and writers. This page will celebrate the ways in which we approach English across the curriculum. 


Reciprocal Reading!


Reciprocal Reading is a new approach to Guided Reading. The children take control of their learning by following reading roles. 

The Leader

The Predictor

The Questioner

The Summariser

The Clarifier


Here is a survey to help Miss White see if this new approach is working!





Author Week 2018

wk. beg. 8.1.18

During Author Week 2018, we were launched into numerous exciting activities.  

Here are just SOME of the exciting things we did;

  • Harriet Goodwin visited and delivered creative writing workshops;
  • Potato Head Challenge day was a huge success with many FANTASTIC designs;
  • The Carousel Book day enabled children to experience a range of different books alongside children from all year groups;
  • Mystery Reader allowed children to listen to a book in an unusual/new surrounding;
  • Reading buddy swaps allowed children to mix with younger/older children;
  • Creative cooking classes were a huge hit and amazing edible treats were produced; 
  • Children dressed up in amazing, creative outfits to celebrate the end of Author Week. 


Alongside these activities, there were many opportunities to get involved with a book and become incredible authors! 




Step Inside a Book!


What happened behind each door?

Potato Head Challenge!

We made book characters from potatoes -

here are the winners from each class.



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Welcome to our brand new website! We have listened to parent feedback and tried to make the content you use most often more accessible. Please bear with us while we do some 'housekeeping' on some of the pages and move some of the content around.

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