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Homework Challenges

Maths and English homework (mandatory):

From January there will some changes to the way year 6 complete homework. 

Your child will be provided with a set of text books, to be used in and out of school.  Their English and maths teachers will set them specific tasks to do, that will then be discussed in lessons.  We really appreciate your support in helping your child focus on completing these tasks.

Furthermore, they will be given a Mymaths ,login for further maths tasks, which can be completed online.  Please keep checking the teachers English and Maths pages to know what homework has been set and the deadline.  Thank you.


If children would also like to continue completing the learning challenge based homework, they are more than welcome to do so, as we understand that children do enjoy the creative tasks as well.


Learning challenge based homework (optional):


Some of us have started the year brilliantly and completed some fantastic homework challenges!


Who is going to achieve the highest score?

As always, next to each challenge are the points you can achieve for completing the task.

Points are kept over the year. When you achieve 50 points you will receive the Bronze Certificate, 100 points - the Silver Certificate and if you are really awesome and manage to get 150 points, the Gold Certificate!

Put your homework in the homework tray for marking on and Thursday and I will return it to you on Friday.

Please remember that homework is to be done to the same high standards as all our work in Year 6! That means: best handwriting; writing to be done in pencil (unless you have your pen licence); always try your best!

If you need any resources to complete your homework challenges, please ask.

Please remember to show me your books!



Would you survive? homework.

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