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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Learning Challenge

WW2! What was it like for children like you?


This term we will be learning all about World War 2, what it was about and the effect it had on children in Britain. 

We will be asking questions such as: 

  • What was the Blitz?
  • Why were children evacuated?
  • What was rationing?
  • Why did people need to build shelters? 
  • How did people celebrate the end of the war?


At the end of the term (3.4.19) we will be visiting Beaumanor Hall to reflect on our learning and experience life as an evacuee!


We will also be linking our art, D&T and English topics to our learning challenge! We will be producing some powerful blitz art, writing newspaper articles and diary entries about experiences of war and carrying out a Make-Do-And-Mend project where we will 'up-cycle' some old clothing into a bag! 

Please bring in an old t-shirt (or similar) for this project! 


If you have any artifacts/photos at home that you think could be used to enhance our learning - please bring them in too! 

Climate Change


Are we heading for a meltdown?

Autumn Term 1 Learning Challenge


This term we are learning all about the impact of climate change on our planet. We will be looking closely at how deforestation is contributing to global warming and exploring the consequences of this on the environment.


Our Wildlife WOW Day



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It's almost time for The Friends of Sawley Easter Cafe. Join us for a cuppa and a chat – browse the stalls and view the Easter Bake-Off entries – doors open at 1.30pm, Friday 12th April. You are also invited to visit your child's classroom to take part in an Easter craft activity with them. Sawley Easter Bake-Off – Entries should be at least 6 cup cakes, multiple entries are welcome. Please make sure your entry is clearly labelled with your child’s name and class – there is a gift for every entry and a winning prize for each year group.

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