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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Learning Challenge

What is the problem with plastic?


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This half term we will be carrying out an enterprise project with a bit of a difference! 

 Recently, we have started to become more aware of the impact that the rubbish we produce is having on our beautiful planet. Lots of us enjoyed the programme Blue Planet II and the last episode really highlighted the problem with plastic. It's spoiling our oceans and wildlife and destroying Earth. 

So... we have decided to help! 

In order to raise awareness for this problem and to help clear up some of the rubbish we are throwing away, we will be upcycling plastic into some beautiful items to buy on our Enterprise Day. This should help raise funds for our school at the same time as educating ourselves about how to look after our planet.  


Please help us to gather plastic bags and bottles that would otherwise be thrown away, in order to get our 'business' started! 


Kelsie and Aimee’s Stop Motion Video About Plastic Pollution

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Does the time fit the crime?


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During the Summer term we will be starting a new learning challenge all about Crime and Punishment throughout history!


Throughout the topic we will be learning about different eras within history such as the Romans, Medieval times, Victorian... all the way up to today! 
We will be finding out how our justice system and laws have changed throughout history and all the gory ways people used to be punished for their crimes. 

We also have the exciting opportunity to visit the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham!

Were the Tudors really that terrible? 


Image result for tudor rose 

During the Autumn term our new learning challenge is an intriguing one...Were the Tudors really that terrible? 

We will be starting our challenge with an active WOW day...but ssshhh we can't say anymore! 


Throughout the topic we will be learning about:

Tudor fashion, food, lifestyle and famous Tudor monarchs (As well as much, much more!)



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