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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



In this half term we will be looking at 'division' and 'measurement' and 'fractions and decimals'.


Check back in on this page for videos to help you with your schoolwork.



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Number and Place Value


Number and place value is all about how the number system that we use in the modern world works and why it is far superior to the Ancient Roman and Egyptian systems.


It is about knowing that 100 is ten times as many as 10 and that 1000 is ten times more than 100.


Check out the videos below for an introduction and some help with place value:

Why we use place value (Khan Academy)

How to find the place value of a number (Khan Academy)

How can you turn the word problem into a maths problem?

Understanding place value blocks | Math | 4th grade | (Khan Academy)

We will also be looking at how to add and subtract 4 digit numbers using column addition and subtraction.


Check out the videos below for advice on how to do this:

Column Addition (Khan Academy)

Column Subtraction (Khan Academy)



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