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The first week back we will be recapping on time, including discussing durations of time. You can continue to help by encouraging your child to tell the time at home using both types of clocks if you can!



We will then be exploring capacity and mass, learning how to measure, compare and add and subtract ml, litres, kg and grams. 



Following that, we will begin looking at shapes and angles. We will learn how to recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes, identify right angles and be able to identify whether angles are greater than a right angle. Finally, we will be able to identify horizontal, vertical and perpendicular and parallel lines. 



Deep Dive Challenge

School starts at 9 o’clock and finishes at 3:25. You have a 20 minute break in the morning and a 15 minute break in the afternoon. Lunch lasts for 1 hour. How long do you spend in lessons?



Times Tables

We think it is very important to learn our times tables, as it helps with all other areas of maths. To help us to do this the class will do a times table challenge every week. 

3F have already had thier first go at the Bronze times table challenge, which focuses on the 2x, 5x, 3x and 10 x table. 


My Maths Homework

Click on My Maths above to access this weeks homework. 

Speak to your class teacher if you need the username and password.


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