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  History and Geography  


Through our exciting investigations we shall discover the history and unique geography of Egypt.  We hope to awaken their hidden Howard Carter!



  Art & Craft and Design & Technology  


This term we shall have an extended investigation into various media of art recording, including inks and pigments.  We shall work on sculpture through creating canopic jars.


  Physical Education  

Out door we shall be pursuing ball skills (please make sure you/ your child has suitable shoes and clothing as we try to go out in all but the most awful weather)

Indoor we are going to be experiencing gymnastics on floor mats and low equipment.


  Religious Education  


Our theme this term is Judaism, covering aspects of its history and religious rites relating to this time of the year. 




We use ICT across the curriculum, supporting our learning through researching on our Ipads and desktop computers.  We shall be reinforcing Internet Safety, discussing how to be a good cyber citizen, whilst developing your child's understanding of programming using scratch (TM) and other languages.


We would recommend that you get your child a copy of scratch for their tablet or computer, it is great fun for only a small fee.  Free if used exclusively on line.   Who knows, they may be the next Tim Berners-Lee or Ada Lovelace.


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