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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Other Subjects


This half term we are going to become gymnasts! We will be practicing our balance and flexibility as well as creating our own sequences. We will also be doing netball as our outdoor exercise and year 5's will be going swimming!

Make sure you have your PE kit with you on Mondays and Fridays!
Make a note in your planner of when your swimming lessons are and don't forget your kit! You will need a swimming hat, costume and towel. 


Art and D&T


We will be creating some exciting art pieces linked to our Learning Challenge 'Are we heading for a melt down' including creating some  powerful propaganda art work about global warming! Check out our gallery page for some photos of our wonderful work. 




We will be using our computing skills to carry out some programming and create our own rainforest games this term! 

We will also be talking about E-safety and how to look after ourselves online. 




During music we will be learning about different composers and looking at how music styles have changed through history. 




In Spanish we will be learning how to greet people, talk about our families, school and time.




In RE we will be learning about the story of Christmas and why Christians celebrate it.




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Welcome to our brand new website! We have listened to parent feedback and tried to make the content you use most often more accessible. Please bear with us while we do some 'housekeeping' on some of the pages and move some of the content around.

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