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Project Honduras

Project Honduras


Over the last few years, we have quietly donated school items to this worthwhile charity through a link Mrs Wood has with this charity in Derby. Years ago, we started by sending our old roller blackboards. Since then we have donated furniture, old textbooks and smaller classroom items.

This was something the school did without advertising our contributions to the local community.

This year, The School Council, after consulting with all the children, have decided to make Honduras their charity of choice.


They wanted to see where their money was actually going and to see what it was actually buying.

Donations will be sent via the CHTrust who are a Christian charity based in Derby. Once a year, they send out containers to Honduras to help with all aspects of family life from education to basic living supplies. It costs around £50 to send a child to school in Honduras, and this is what our money will be helping with. £50 provides a child with uniform, shoes, trainers, school bag, and sufficient equipment to attend a state school for one year.

This year already we have raised over £400 to send to Honduras through our PJ and Cake Sale day. The School Council would like to thank everybody for their incredible generosity on this day.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next fundraising day!

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