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Year 6 Netball Winners 2016

Year 6 Netball Winners 2016 1

South Erewash Netball tournament 18th March 2016 at Kirk Hallam Academy


st Sawley               9 points
nd Shardlow           7 points
rd Chaucer             5 points

3rd Ladywood           5 points


Sawley won all games scoring a total of 24 goals with only 3 goals conceded. The match results were 10-1, 3-1,11-1



Ben B

Jake R

Charlie R

Marli N

Phoebe C

Leah S

Sophia P


Sawley will represent Erewash at the County finals on 17th May.



Netball finals - here we come!


South Erewash Netball tournament 7th March 2016 at TLES


1st Sawley                  12 points
2nd Shardlow             10 points
3rd Grange                 8 points         
4th Firfield                  6 points

5th St Lawrence        4 points         

Sawley won all four games scoring a total of 38 goals with only one goal conceded. The match results were 6-0, 18-0, 8-0, 6-1



Ben B

Jake R

Charlie R

Marli N

Phoebe C

Leah S

Sophia P


Sawley and Shardlow will represent South Erewash in the Erewash finals which may be on Friday 18th March 2016, at Kirk Hallam School. The winner of this will represent Erewash at the County final in May.


Thank you once again to all the parents for their support. Children - you were a credit to yourselves and school. Well done!


                                                                                                                        M Lacey

Football Superstars!!

We're very proud of both teams!


Y5/6 Erewash Boys Football Finals 15th October 2015 at Kirk Hallam School


Huge congratulations to the boys who will now go forward to represent Sawley Junior School at Erewash in the Derbyshire Boys County Tournament on Tuesday 10th November at Kirk Hallam school from 2.30pm – 6pm.

Also - thanks go to Mr Francis from Sawley Infants who continues to do a great job training the team.



Ben B

Charlie R

Charlie G

Lucas H

Kai T

Sam B

Jake R

Kyle B



Sawley v Risley                    drew   0-0

              v Chaucer               won    1-0

             v Harrington             won    4-0


Final results

  1. Sawley
  2. Risley
  3. Harrington
  4. Chaucer



Y5/6 Erewash Girls Football Finals 15th October 2015 at Kirk Hallam School

And the girls were brilliant too!! Read all about them in the Ilkeston Advertiser here.



Jessica S

Marli N

Ella A

Leah S

Louisa D

Darcey G

Niamh G

Lily-Mai H



Sawley v Chaucer                           lost      0-2

  v Hallam Fields Red          drew   0-0                 

             v Hallam Fields Lime          won    1-0

Sawley and Hallam Fields Red drew for second place on points but Sawley was placed third on goal difference.

Final Results

  1. Chaucer
  2. Hallam Fields Red
  3. Sawley
  4. Hallam F       

Tuesday 17th March, 2015 - Netball Champions - Again! 

Yet again, Sawley will be heading to the county netball finals in May thanks to an impressive win in the area finals last night!


Sawley 5 - Grange 1     WIN

Sawley 5 - Chaucer 2   WIN

Sawley 2 - Ockbrook 2  DRAW


We won on goal difference with Ockbrook - Sawley scored 12 goals, Ocbrook scored 6.

The shooting practice has paid off kids!


A huge well done to the children and to Mrs Lacey too of course!

Bring on the county finals!

Year 4 football team

Year 4 football team 1

Football News!

Sawley Junior Year 4 football team won the Erewash Football Tournament at Wilsthorpe school on Tuesday 7th October, winning all their matches!

Loads of parents came and were thrilled by the way the boys played. One of our pupils even played for St Laurence each round, as they didn't have enough players - what sportsmanship. All the boys were very willing to help in this way. They were all a credit to the school and we are very proud of them.



Y4 Erewash Football Tournament 7th October 2014 Wilsthorpe School



Charlie O

Nathan S

Deon C

Dylan T

Alex T

Thomas D

Toby S

Josh S

Ethan W





Sawley v St Laurence         won     2-0
             v Risley                     won     2-0
             v Dovedale               won     4-0
             v Harrington             won      2-0

              v Shardlow              won      4-0

              v Chaucer               won      1-0

Final results

1. Sawley
2. Chaucer
3. Harrington

3. Dovedale
5. Risley
6. St Laurence

7. Shardlow

School sport achievements for Sawley Junior


  • Joint winners Erewash Schools Sports award 2013.

  • Winners Erewash year 3/4 Football tournament 2013

  • Winners of Erewash Netball and Basketball Tournaments 2013/14 and represented Erewash in the Derbyshire County tournaments.

  • Winners year 3/4 Futsal tournament 2014

  •  Sawley Junior has also competed in year 5/6 Football and futsal, year 3/4 and year 5/6 Indoor Sports Hall Athletic competitions

  • Year 6 mini leaders are trained annually to offer lunch time activities to year 3

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