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At Sawley, our aim is to encourage the children to think of Science as exciting, challenging and fun. We wish them to develop a greater awareness of the role that Science plays in the world around them and acquire as much knowledge as possible from first-hand experience.

We encourage them not just to accept scientific statements but to ask the question ‘Why?’ and seek solutions, wherever possible, through practical investigations. They learn to plan and record their work in a variety of ways and develop the skills of observing, predicting and hypothesising, while extending their scientific vocabulary. 

Science is taught as part of a wider Learning Challenge or as a stand-alone subject.

Summer Term 2015

Class 5TW:

During this half term we are studying Forces!


What types of forces do you know?


What can forces do?


How much force is needed?


What is a Newton Meter and how do we use them?


What is gravity and how does it affect us on Earth?


Check out this link to watch Dick and Dom talk about Isaac Newton.





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