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  Welcome to Miss Greygoose's English Class!



This half-term we will be focusing on setting descriptions.  Including learning about expanded noun phrases, modifying nouns, pronouns and fronted adverbials. To begin with we will read some great examples and write our own class setting description. This will lead onto the children's independent writing.


We will be really targeting our spellings and the use of adjectives to really help develop a wider vocabulary and make our writing more interesting. We will also be developing our use of dictionaries and thesaurus' to improve the accuracy of our work.






Spellings will be given out every Thursday.  Please ensure planners are in school as new spellings are stuck in there and you will also find the results of the weekly spelling task.  That way parents/carers can see how well the children are progressing with their spellings.  



Please help your child to learn their spellings as much as possible by using look, say, cover, look, say, cover, write and check.

Games to help you learn!


Something the children are really focusing on is the use of a dictionary and thesaurus.  Being able to find the correct spellings of words or use a thesaurus to improve their vocabulary has really improved their writing. 


We are also looking at the different structures of sentences - such as using conjunctions, fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses and how this links to the use of commas.


Here are some great sites to help the children practise these skills.  Just click on the picture of the skill you want to focus on:

  Spellings challenge!



  Can you design a dictionary?

 Test your punctuation skills!

 Do you know the difference between word types? (Such as verbs and adjectives?)

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