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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 16

Hello Year 4 and welcome to week 16 (Week beginning 6th July 2020)!


This week we have a couple of exciting days lined up including our Bubble Activity Day on Tuesday 7th July and our Practical Science Day on Thursday 9th July. On activity day I have created a PowerPoint of lots of fun activities to have a go at, most should be accessible from home! We'd love for you to send in any photos! For our Science day, I have added a PowerPoint of science investigations for you to have a go at and again, we'd love to see photos of the investigations underway! I've tried to choose experiments which shouldn't need many ingredients and the ones I've chosen are often cupboard staples.


Your English and Maths this week will continue from where we left off before Art week so your English will be using the fantastic work you did on setting and character descriptions to create your own adventure story. In Maths, we will be working on Money. I've added some White Rose Maths videos to help to guide you through each lesson. Watch the videos carefully before having a go at the worksheets. In the afternoons there will be a Learning Challenge lesson linking to our Mapping the World topic. I've also included a PSHCE lesson as there has been a lot of talks recently about diversity since the George Floyd case in America. It is important to learn about what is currently going on in our world and to educate ourselves on how to make everyone feel accepted for who they are. I've also added an RE lesson. Our new RE topic is all about Identity and Belonging!


I really hope you enjoy this week. Like usual, any resources you need for any of the activities will be available underneath the weekly timetable. Remember to continue practicing your reading, spelling, times tables and handwriting as often as you can. All of these skills will be really, really important for when we start back at school after lockdown. 


Our school has now joined Class Dojo! We'd absolutely love for you to join. It is completely free and allows your teachers to see all of the fantastic work you've been up to via your portfolio. It is really easy to upload photos to your portfolio and your teachers will be able to see and comment on your fantastic work! It's also a great place to keep in touch with us as you can send private messages for your teacher to respond to and there is also a class and school story section where we will share lots of things that we've been up to. There is a little video for you to watch from each of your current teachers too. Please sign yourselves up and join our little Sawley community on there!


If you have any questions or would like to send any photos for the website this week, my email address is:


Mrs Joyce smiley

Week Beginning: 06/07/2020 Maths English PM Activities Daily Activities

L.O: I can use and convert between pounds and pence.

Follow this video: to give you some helpful guidance on how to complete the worksheet below. Answers will also be provided so you can check your work!

L.O: I can identify the key features of an adventure story.

L.O: I can locate mountains in the UK and label them on a map.

Read through the PowerPoint about mountains in the UK and have a go at labeling one of the maps provided using an online atlas to help you!


EXTENSION: Have a go at creating your own mountain contours on a potato or create your own contours model!

-TT Rockstars

- Accelerated Reader (Reading daily)

- Spelling

- Cursive Handwriting Practice

Tuesday Sawley Activity Day! All activities are in a PowerPoint below the timetable. Enjoy!

L.O: I can use conversion to order money.

Follow this video: for guidance on your worksheet task. I've provided answers for you to check your work!

L.O: I can identify and use pronouns to enhance my adventure story.

L.O: Black Lives Matter!

Thursday Sawley Practical Science Day! All activities are in a PowerPoint below the timetable. Enjoy!

L.O: I can make informed estimates using  pounds and pence.

Follow this video:  for guidance on your worksheet task. I've provided answers for you to check your work!

L.O: I can use the key features to plan and write my own adventure story.

L.O: I can think about the things that help us shape our identity.

Read through the slides to get ideas about all the things that might help us shape our sense of identity. Complete at least 2 of the identity flash cards in the worksheets provided.


Extension Maths Task: Solve problems with money

Activity Day




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