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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 17

Good Morning Year 4 and welcome to a brand new week (week beginning Monday 13th July 2020)! Usually we'd be breaking up for our Summer holidays next week so this will be the last week of the usual lesson routine. 


This week is a bit more of a 'normal' week so in English we will be moving on to diary writing and Maths will be recapping our work on Place Value.


Our Learning Challenge this week will be focused on Europe so we'll be investigating the countries which are located in Europe as well as finding out about their Capital Cities. We'll take a deep dive into researching one of the countries and researching key facts to create a fact file. Lesson two will be looking at the flags of these countries and identifying some more information about the physical geography of these countries. There are lots of extension tasks available too including a fun anagram activity as well as some work on identifying countries in the EU. RE will be continuing our Identity and Belonging lessons and will be looking at some of your characteristics that make up your identity. There is also a Spanish lesson all about colours on Friday.


Remember to continue to work on your daily activities too, these are key skills that will help you when you return to school. Reading (even just for a little while) every day will massively help with your comprehension, language and inference skills. Completing Accelerated Reader quizzes can really help you to see whether you're getting a good grasp of the key parts of the books you are reading or if you might need to re-read them to improve your understanding. Cursive handwriting is a non-negotiable expectation in Year 5 so the more you practice, the more likely you are to achieve your pen license! Spelling practice is also incredibly important - as you know, we have regular tests and this will all help towards achieving your writing objectives! Times tables are a core skill in Maths and we use them all the time. If you can be confident in your times tables and can recall them at speed, you'll be giving yourself a huge advantage. In a similar way, number bonds to 10, 100 and 1000 are also areas we use in Maths all the time so the more you practice these the better! Number bonds are knowing which 2 numbers add together to make 10, 100 or 1000 so for example 67 + _ = 100. I know my number bonds to 10 so 7 + 3 = 10. Next I need to make 90 because I already have the 10 from 7+3 so 60 + 30 = 90 therefore 67 + 33 = 100. is a great website to practice your times tables and number bonds.


Thursday 16th July marks 'Reading Together Day' so get those books out! More information about this event can be found here:


As always, please contact me if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them! My email address is Please also share any work you're proud of on your Class Dojo profile so we can celebrate your efforts! 


Have a fantastic week, Year 4!


Mrs Joyce smiley

Week Beginning 13/07/2020 Maths English PM Activities Daily Activities

L.O: I can investigate the place value of different number systems.

L.O: I can identify facts in a diary.

L.O: I can name the countries in Europe and create a fact file about one. 

Read through the PowerPoint and try to name as many countries in Europe as you can! Create a fact file about one of the countries.

- Cursive handwriting

- TT Rockstars

- Accelerated Reader

- Spelling practice



L.O: I can investigate Roman Numerals up to 100.

L.O: I can make inference to answer questions from a diary entry.

L.O: I can identify the flags and capital cities of European countries.

Read through the PowerPoint and take note of the flags of each country. Complete the flag worksheet and have a go at identifying the Capital Cities.


L.O: I can identify and complete number sequences.

L.O: I can identify the key features of a diary.


LO: I can consider the arguments for and against zoos and decide which presents a better case.

*See the PowerPoint and resources below.


L.O: I can investigate number patterns.

L.O: I can use expanded noun phrases and conjunctions in a diary.

L.O: I can consider the ways I express my identity.

Read through the slides and complete worksheet 2B. Extension: Complete 2C and the Helping Others sheets too!


L.O: I can investigate number patterns.

L.O: I can use the key features to write my own diary entry.

L.O: I can identify colours in Spanish.

Check the PowerPoint and have a go at pronouncing each colour in Spanish. Can you use the last slide to say which colours you like or don't like?  Once you've had a go at saying each, complete the worksheet to go with it. There is an extension worksheet too.





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