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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

WB 29/06/20

This week is Art Week. Each bubble in school have chosen a different artist or movement to study and create beautiful pieces of art work which will be used on display at school. Everyone at home is part of the ‘Home Bubble’ so you can join in too! Our chosen artist is Pablo Picasso.


English will be linked to Picasso and you will be using your skills to create a fact file about Picasso. There will be no Roman Learning Challenge lessons this week. Instead, you will be given some art lessons to do related to Picasso. 


For Maths this week, I have put the links for each day on the timetable to help guide you. I have added the answers to each lesson and some extra Deep Dives for each day on a PowerPoint. Please see the Maths PowerPoint.


We'd love your English work and your Art work to be sent in to school so that our displays can look bright and colourful for when you return to school. Remember, any work you do send in should clearly have your name and class on. If you cannot find a way of getting the original art into school, we'd love to see a picture or a scanned copy so please email your work to us:



Enjoy art week and producing some fantastic fact files and self-portraits. We can’t wait to see what you create! Please do ask an adult to email me if you need anything.


Stay Safe,

Mrs Shilcock


Timetable for the week found below. Activities for subjects can be found if you click on each star. Also, it is Art Week this week so you will see 3 afternoon Art lessons on the timetable. All resources can be found in the star folder 'Art Week'. Enjoy!

Week beg. 29.6.20



Foundation / Science

Daily activities


LO: I can research information about an artist.

LO: I can compare capacity and volume

Art - LO: I can create my own changing faces art activity.


Spelling practise IDL – Spellings Support

TT Rockstars



LO: I can plan a fact file

LO: I can order capacity and volume

Art - LO: I can create a Picasso style portrait with magazine cutouts.


LO: I can write an introductory paragraph

LO: I can add and subtract capacity and volume

Art - I can draw a self-portrait in the style of Picasso


LO: I can write a fact file

LO: I can solve problems involving capacity and volume

Science – Can plants survive without leaves?


LO: I can write and edit a fact file

LO: I can estimate capacity and volume

RE –  I can find out how different genres of writing in the Bible show different aspects of God. 





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