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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor



In English this half-term we will be writing persuasive letters.


We will be analysing the language features of persuasion texts such as adjectives, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and rhetorical questions to help us write our own!


We will be linking our English lessons to our Learning Challenge topic - recycle, reduce and reuse! 



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23rd May

Test: 7th June

Group A and B


1) exit

2) extend

3) explode

4) excursion

5) exchange

6) export

7) exclaim

8) expel

9) external

10) exterior













Group C


1) pollinate

2) captivate

3) activate

4) motivate

5) communicate

6) medicate

7) elasticate

8) hyphenate

9) alienate

10) validate


Example sentences to help understand the meaning of the words:


Please follow the exit signs to make your way out of the building.

I really want to extend my bedroom to make it bigger.

My mum got so angry, she looked like she was going to explode!

We went on an excursion to the Space Centre.

Can you change exchange these pound coins for euros, as I am going on holiday?

The ship carried goods to export to China.

Exclaim means to cry out suddenly!

"I will expel you, if you do that again!" warned the headteacher.

Each external angle of the hexagon measured 60 degrees.

We need to paint the exterior and interior walls of the house.



There are not enough bees to pollinate the crops.

The movie was made to captivate the audience.

Don't forget to activate your gym membership card.

I hired a personal trainer to motivate me to exercise.

A mobile phone helps people communicate when they are not near each other.

When my cat was poorly, the vet had to medicate it to make it better.

I had to elasticate my waistband because I put on weight over Christmas!

You hyphenate words to join them together.

She went to a desert island to alienate herself from everyone.

Please show your passport to validate your identity. 












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