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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 8

Hi Year 4, hope you're all well and that you enjoyed the glorious sunshine we had over the last couple of days.


We've added a page on the Year 4 class pages section to display the wonderful work you've been doing at home so head on over to see the fantastic work we have displayed there so far. Please keep on sending in what you've been up to - it's so lovely to see your wonderful creations!


This week, week beginning 11/05/20, your Maths will be focusing on answering measure word problems including time, money and length. Your English will be persuasive writing. To vary the afternoon lessons a bit more, I've set 2 Learning Challenge lessons (linked to your transport topic), there will be 1 Science lesson, 1 RE lesson and 1 Art lesson. I hope you enjoy this, I think the variety might make it a little bit more interesting so that you have a slightly different focus each day.


Like last week, I've attached an alternative P.E pack with some netball activities to complete if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.


Also, another quick reminder that your Accelerated Reader logins should still work and their library are really extensive so if you've been reading a lot at home (I know I have!) then it'd be a brilliant idea to search for the books you've read on the website and complete the quizzes!

You can access Accelerated Reader by clicking the link above this or by typing in the following URL in order to access Sawley's unique website:


Please note: not typing the URL correctly will result in you not being able to log in. Do not search for Accelerated Reader in Google, as the correct unique URL will not be available.

You should be able to use your usual username and password to log in and take a quiz. You can take a quiz between 8.45 and 3.15 Monday-Fridays.

You can also visit to see if a book you are reading at home has a quiz available. There are so many free resources out there at the moment which allow you to read online at home, so please keep on reading!




Mrs Joyce smiley



Week beginning 04/06/2020 English Maths Learning Challenge Daily Activities

L.O: I can read a persuasive text and use inference to answer questions.

L.O: I can develop strategies to plan and solve time problems.

L.O: I can use a map to locate different canals.

Using a map of Egypt and a map of Panama, locate and label the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. Write down 10 facts about each canal.


P.E with Joe Wicks 9.00am


TT Rockstars


IDL Spelling support


Spelling practice (words list in 20/04/20)


Cursive handwriting practice (resources in 20/04/20)


L.O: I can answer questions about a text focusing on word meaning.

L.O: I can develop strategies to plan and solve money problems.

L.O: I can explain why the Suez and Panama canals are useful for sea freight.

Below are some helpful websites/video links to give some information about each canal. After reading the information and watching the videos, write a paragraph to explain why these canals are so useful for transporting goods from one place to another.


L.O: I can identify the key features of a persuasive text.

L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve length problems.

LO: I can identify vertebrates by observing similarities and differences and generate questions to use in a classification key.

Attached below is this weeks (Lesson 3) Science PowerPoint and resources.


L.O: I can identify and use imperative and modal verbs.

L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve money problems.

L.O: I can discover who Sikhs are and what they believe in.

Below I have attached a lesson presentation and some activity sheets to go with it. Read through all of the information provided on the lesson presentation, taking notes if needed, and complete at least 1 of the worksheets provided. You can choose the activity /activities you would like to complete.


L.O: I can use the key features of persuasion to write my own persuasive rap.

L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve measurement problems.

L.O: I can sketch a landscape.

I have attached below a video giving some hints and tips of how to successfully draw a landscape. I'd like you to think of somewhere that means a lot to you, it could be close by or in another country completely! Think about where you'd like to be right now if you could - You might choose a beach in Spain, the top of a mountain in Wales, a coastal walk in Ireland, your back garden, a local country park...anywhere! Once you've decided on a setting, find a photo of the place you'd like to sketch (you might have a photo already, there might be one online or if it's somewhere local you could take a photo on a daily walk). Follow the video and remember to vary pressure so that your sketch has light and shade.

Panama Canal vs. Suez Canal

The World's Shortcut: How the Panama Canal Works

How to Draw a Landscape

You will learn the first basic steps for drawing landscape sceneries. It's an easy basis that will help you with any drawing technique

Landscape drawing for beginners with pencil sketching and shading - Simple pencil drawing

This is a landscape drawing for beginners with pencil sketching and shading.




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