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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Learning From Home

Wilmot’s Guide to Learning from Home

During the school closures, you will be able to take Accelerated Reader quizzes at home. 


Please type in the following URL in order to access Sawley's unique website:




Please note: not typing the URL correctly will result in you not being able to log in. Do not search for Accelerated Reader in Google, as the correct unique URL will not be available.


You should be able to use your usual username and password to log in and take a quiz. You can take a quiz between 8.45 and 3.15 Monday-Fridays.


You can also visit to see if a book you are reading at home has a quiz available. There are so many free resources out there at the moment which allow you to read online at home, so please keep on reading!

23/03/20  Hello Year 4! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine in your gardens and staying safe.


I have added a Maths Powerpoint under the Maths activities section with some work on time for you to complete this week. I'll also add some recap work on addition and subtraction to complete. There is no requirement to do it - you choose the activities which will benefit you as learners the most (if you prefer to do the other activities under the Maths heading, that is fine). Maybe you could practice time at home by:


  • creating a timetable of your week and discussing the durations of each activity and justifying your timings for each activity.
  • timing yourself/family members to complete activities like jumping, running, hopping around the garden. Compare times eg. who was fastest, by how many seconds? What was the difference between the fastest and slowest time?
  • using the tv guide to calculate the durations of your favourite programmes, if you watched 3 programmes in the day, can you calculate how many hours/minutes you spent watching telly in total? Could you convert that from 12-24 hour time by adding/subtracting 12? Eg. 12 hour time: 5pm =  24 hour time: 17:00 (5 + 12 = 17).


If you decided to do some baking, a nice way to practice adding/subtracting is with the ingredients. How many grams are you using in total?


I have also added an English Powerpoint under the English activities sections with some work on myths. Again, you choose the activities which will benefit you the most. There are some comprehension worksheets linked to Viking Myths which might be a nice activity to complete which not only familiarises yourself with some different Viking myths which you could use as inspiration to write your own, but it also helps to improve your skills in reading. Maybe you could set yourself some similar questions next time you read your own book? Or you could challenge your parents by writing similar questions for THEM to answer when you read your book! Remember, you'll need to create an answer sheet so you can check they are getting the answers correct!


Audible have announced that whilst schools are closed, all stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet so you can enjoy listening to a range of books whilst you are at home!


Many of you may have already seen that The Body Coach (Joe) is doing PE lessons at 9am everyday on YouTube for children to join in with! The videos are still up there later if you prefer to do it at a different time!


If you fancy an easy recipe to try at home (which doesn't require many ingredients), here is a link to how to make banana bread:


I'll be updating the activities available every week so keep your eyes peeled for the activities available next week which will be work on area and perimeter in maths and more work on Viking myths in English!


Mrs Joyce smiley


English Activities

23/03/2020 English

Please reference the English Tasks document in the uploads file to see a list of tasks relevant to this week's learning. I've also added some comprehension tasks to work on.

Maths Activities

23/03/2020 Maths activities:

Addition and subtraction lessons - Each lesson has a powerpoint, some tasks and the answers. I've added one lesson on adding/subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. One lesson is recapping how to add 4 digit numbers with exchanges and the last lesson is how to subtract 4 digit numbers with exchanges.


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