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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Mastering Maths!

Mastering Maths at Sawley!

The teachers and children have been working really hard at creating a mastery approach to Maths - to ensure that children acquire a much deeper understanding of the Maths they are learning and are able to apply it to a greater variety of situations.


You may have heard your children using the terms Fluency, Twisted and Deep Dives?  See below for these mean and why we are doing them.


What are Fluency, Twisted and Deep Dive?

The children will be taught a wealth of new methods and approaches, in line with the National Curriculum.  This is Fluency.  Every lesson children will be supported to then complete Twisted and Deep Dive tasks, to deepen their fluency understanding.  Twisted allows the Maths to be presented in a variety of different ways, to really ensure the children understand what the underlying Maths is; whilst Deep Dive ensures the children have to reason their responses and apply the Maths to real life situations.


We believe that this will ensure our children truly understand the Maths they are being taught, see the value of it and can understand why it is important outside of the Maths classroom.


See below for an example of how one Maths lesson may look like.


Have a look at the subtle but important differences in the way the children will see the same Maths idea.




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