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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 27th April

Welcome to this weeks lessons!  I hope you are all well.  Now we should be in the Summer term, I think we’ve been home longer than I expected when I saw you last, so perhaps it’s time to really get into a school routine again? Obviously this is flexible to suit your day too but it would be great if you could develop your routine to include 3 lessons a day: English, Maths and Foundation subjects (approximately 45 minutes each).


Many lessons will come from the governments Oak National Academy but we will also be including resources that we would normally use in school too.

Each week you will see this timetable, with a link each day for the task you can complete.  It should take 45 minutes per lesson - please let me know if the work requires too much or not enough time! 

If you are struggling to access any of the resources, they can also be found at the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to scroll across to view the whole timetable, please find it attached here:

Week beginning:



English - Newspapers

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Maths - Ratio

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Foundation subjects

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Daily activities


This week you will be writing a newspaper report based on this clip



Make notes on anything you find interesting - focusing on the facts of what happened.


Really think about using a range of adjectives and adverbs



Video link for support:  Lesson 1



History/Reading comprehension:

This resource can be found below this table, in the foundation section


Choose your level challenge - from 1 to 3 (stars at the bottom of the page)



Spelling practise - IDL

TT rockstars

Times tables



To access Twinkl for free, please use this link and offer code to create an account.  This is needed for these links.




Have a look at this powerpoint:



To start, you will need to write an introduction.  This must include the 5W's.

What?  Where? When?  Who? Why?  

You may need to create some of the details - for example, maybe this is part of the Jungle Olympics in the Amazon rainforest?

Video link for support:  Lesson 2




Have a look at this introduction:


See Spanish numbers worksheets below.


Can you count to 10 without having to look at the sheets?


Try your best!




Today you will report on what you saw - re-watch the clip and make sure you pay attention to details.  Describe as factually as possible what happened.  Some sentence openers that may be useful are:




Video link for support:  Lesson 3





Complete Science Lesson 1 - Why do living things vary?

(The resources have been uploaded below).


Additional work:


Read the powerpoint to understand how animals adapt to survive.  There is an example of a fact file saved below this table.  Either choose of those animals to research, to see how they have adapted or perhaps choose your favourite animal to research.



Have a look at this powerpoint to remind you of your lessons on speech.



Today you will use direct speech.  As a reporter you will interview an amazed spectator.  What would they say?  For example.

The crowd roared after yet another perfect splash landing.  One star struck lion could be heard screaming "This is roar-some!"


Try to create a paragraph that includes at least 2 examples of direct speech.

Video link for support:  Lesson 4




Use any maps you may have, internet searching (be safe!) or even use this one


Your task is to find as many cities in the UK as you can - choose your level of challenge from the sheets below (1-3 stars)




Your last paragraph will be focused on the future.  What will happen next?

Was this just the quarter final?  Will the giraffes have to compete with other animals?  Or perhaps this is the finals and the giraffes will complete a world tour in a stadium near you?


Once you have completed your report, you will of course need a headline!  What clever or funny one can you think of?


If you would like an art project - could you draw a picture to go with your report?  I always look at pictures in newspapers!

Video link for support:  Lesson 5






Have a look at the powerpoint and sheets below.  Can you recreate examples of different textures?  There is a picture to help and some examples from famous artists too!

Extension tasks - which can be accessed any day

Each day consider if you have included:

  • Different sentence structures (Compound, complex and simple)
  • A range of pronouns
  • Exciting vocabulary - (Synonyms)
  • A range of punctuation (-?!)


Maths extension tasks  20 minutes of ratio reasoning questions and answers 20 minutes of arithmetic questions and answers


Mymaths tasks: please ask a parent to email me if you need your login details

Ratio introduction

Ratio 1

Ratio 2

Times tables


There are also further ration problems and solutions saved below

Science tasks: Adaptation questions


Don't forget - if you need any help, please contact Mrs Lennon




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