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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 6th July

Happy Monday everyone!  Firstly, thank you so much for all the brilliant art work you sent in last week.  It's lovely to see your imaginations running free!  It's nice to know you're doing well too.


On that note, have you seen that we have joined Classdojo?  Ask your parents/carers if they've joined up as you can upload any comments and pictures onto there (your portfolio) or comment on things that are shared on our class story- it would be great to see what you've been up to (although I have enjoyed reading the Sawley memories entries some of you have written).  Maybe post pictures of those cakes you've been baking, skills you've been learning or just say hello!  You will also see that I've posted my first video to say "Hello!" too - it’s the first video like that I’ve ever done, you can see how hard I am concentrating not to say anything silly! 


Anyway, back to our timetable! This is a week with a difference!  On Tuesday and Thursday we are off time table.  Instead, on Tuesday we are having activity day and Thursday is practical science day.  There will still be maths and English on each of the other days and a range of afternoon tasks too!


You will see there is plenty of choice for activity and science day, so you can choose which tasks inspire you the most and/or the ones you have the resources for.  If you need to have activity day on a different day as the weather is awful, that's totally fine.  Perhaps let me know how you got on and post pictures on Classdojo, of your favourite activity?

This week's printable timetable

Week beginning:


English – Figurative language

Maths – Shapes

Foundation subjects

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Daily activities


This week we will be looking a figurative language. There are some links to poetry this week, however, consider how you can use figurative language in other contexts in future as it can create great imagery for your reader.



Today you will be using personification.


Perimeter – this should be revision on what perimeter is and how to calculate it.


Henri Matisse and Collage

In this lesson we will learn about French artist Henri Matisse and create a collage inspired by his work.

PE 1 Disco

I’ve chosen disco for today’s sessions – I love the names they have for each of their moves – like wash your hair and lawnmower J


Spelling practise - IDL

TT rockstars

Times tables


Activity Day

As today is activity day, the powerpoint lists a huge range of activities for you to choose from.  Most are physical activities, just like it would be if we were having activity day at school.  There are a couple of activities for you if you need a rest or want a break, such as creating art or practising a skill (have you ever tried beat boxing?!). 

Remember it’s up to you which tasks you choose to do, you may just need to be creative with any resources!  Have fun and it would be great if you could post some of your day on Classdojo.


Task:  Today’s focus are similes and metaphors

Parts of a circle and calculating diameter/radius


To be able to give an opinion about your town or city in Spanish

PE 2 Popping rhythm

Have a go at this, very difference to the last dance ones I’ve posted.  Great, clear instructions.



Science day.

You will find a range of tasks today (please see the PPT).  We have tried to choose investigations that involve items commonly found around the house but if you do not have the required equipment, choose any of the other investigations and follow the same steps.


I cannot stress this enough, ASK PARENTS PERMISSION to complete any of the practical investigations. 



Today’s focus is alliteration

Properties of 3D shapes


Where are all the people?

We will be starting a new topic all about population!

Extension tasks - which can be accessed any day

Have a look at the reading comprehension based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “My Shadow”

As always, you can choose how challenging this task is – with the stars at the bottom of the sheet – the more stars, the more challenging the task.

Don’t forget to look out for any figurative language that he uses.

Maths extension tasks:

There is a variety of tasks set this week around shapes and the 4 operations.  I have also put some fractions tasks in too, to see what you can remember, as we will be moving back to fractions revision soon.


Please ask your adult to email me if you need your login details


Well done Sam, Ewan, Bertram, Joseph H, Ethan H and Lily P for completing the most MyMaths tasks this week.


Remember to try and aim for at least an 80% pass!  .You can always message me for help


Don't forget about TTRS too!

Creative task for this week:

This week’s recipe is pepper and potato frittata – I chose it as I don’t think I have ever made one!  (Although I remember my mum making it a lot with leftovers when I was a child!) The ingredients seem to be the kind of foods that I would have at home so my daughter and I will try it this week too!



Don't forget to make sure your Powerpoints are in slide show view




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