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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 13th July

Well, we are now in our final full week of school.  What a very strange feeling this is.  I hope that although this has been a crazy school year so far, you have some good memories to look back on.


Next week is our year 6 leavers picnic.  I hope to see you all there (socially distanced of course) and I will be coming along to wish you all well.  It must have been a strange and lovely surprise to have your invites hand delivered!


So we have a full week of our usual learning activities - fractions for maths.  This should be revision but I've still included some of those classic maths songs we loved :) just in case you need the reminders.  For English you will be letting your creativity flow with a mix of poetry and clever word play!


As always, let me know if I can help with anything, either by e-mail or you can easily message me in Classdojo too.

Mrs Lennon


This week's printable timetable

Week beginning:


English – Figurative language, poetry and advertising!

Maths – Fractions

Foundation subjects

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Daily activities


This week we will continue on our focus on how to use words for effect – there are elements of figurative language, poetry and even advertising!



Today you will be focusing on Kennings.


We are going to be looking at fractions revision this week.


Today’s focus:

Simplifying fractions

Lucky dip activity!

Have a look at the PDF I’ve saved as Mrs Lennon’s classroom.  It’s the first interactive one I’ve made so hopefully it works!  Hover around different items in the classroom and you should see your cursor change. (You may need to scroll down on your page if it’s loaded quite large). 

Click on different items and you’ll be taken to different sites and challenges.  If you're on a tablet, just press random items around the room to see if they take you anywhere!

There’s lots to try throughout the week!

PE 1 Yoga

After running around so much during activity day, time to get back to those slower, purposeful movements.


Spelling practise - IDL

TT rockstars

Times tables


Today’s focus:


Today’s focus:

Adding fractions


We are back to music this week, with being able to sign in major and minor scale



Today’s focus: 


Today’s focus:

Subtracting fractions


To be able to name family members and pets

PE 2 Olympic themed pilates


Today is Reading Together day.  Have a look at this link for a schedule of activities throughout the day.  Click on any, at the time it suggests, to join in! (perhaps check this first so you know what times to go back to the page!)


Today’s English focus:

Hyperbole and advertising

Today’s focus:

Multiplying fractions



Reflect and review lesson. 

(See PowerPoint and resources below).



Today’s art is inspired by the perspective picture Sam posted on Classdojo.  Have a go at drawing with perspective – having a ruler or something similar will really help.


Today’s focus:


Today’s focus:

Dividing fractions


Why does population change?


Get creative:

If you happen to be helping tidy the plants in your garden of see some twigs during your daily exercise, the scouts have a great idea on what to do with them!  Build a teeny-tiny raft!  Post a picture on Classdojo of your project!

Extension tasks - which can be accessed any day

Go back to Mrs Lennon’s classroom PDF – there are plenty of links, just hover on different items to find them and choose one you like.

Maths extension tasks:

There is a variety of tasks set this week around fractions.


Please ask your adult to email me if you need your login details


Well done Sam, Ewan, Bertram, Ethan H and Lily P for completing the most MyMaths tasks this week.


Remember to try and aim for at least an 80% pass!  .You can always message me for help

Creative task for this week:

This week’s recipe is rice based as we’ve not had a rice based one before.  I love this one! Yum!

If you’ve been learning to make anything, whether making beans on toast by yourself has been your achievement or tasty cakes, send us a picture and maybe a recipe via Classdojo so I can share it with everyone else.


Mrs Lennon's virtual classroom!




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