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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 25th May

It's Half Term!


This week is half term!  So I have not added the usual subjects for this week.  Instead there is a range of subjects that you can pick and choose from.  You can choose to do whichever task you want, on whichever day you want to.


There are 3 main sections this week:

Mindfulness:  It is always important to keep ourselves mentally well.  There will be tasks that help us focus on being positive and well.

Get creative:  A range of tasks to be creative – remember ask an adult if it requires an mess or ingredients!

Get active!: It can be very tempting to watch lots of TV etc but it’s important to keep moving.  There is mixture of ways to get you going!


Have fun!

This week's menu of tasks


Get creative!

Get active!

Things to look forward to Jar:

Full directions are saved below.  Decorate a jar or tub however you would like and start to make notes to post inside of what you want to do when the lockdown relaxes. 

For example, see your bestie; play in the park, get an ice-cream from the ice-cream van – See Mrs Lennon J

Have you seen the latest internet challenge?  To recreate a famous piece of art with things you have lying around the house?  Have at a look at the powerpoint below for ideas!  I’d love you all the send in your own photos so we can create a Y6 gallery!  Don’t forget to let me know which piece of art inspired you!

Here are a couple of Youtube links to some Just Dance videos!  They are great quick workouts that you can get other people in your house involved in too!  Here are a couple of examples to get your whole body moving and work on your co-ordination! J

Have a look at some of the mindfulness cards – which methods appeal to you?  These are great to help relax you.

Have a look at the science tasks below.  Have a go at one/some of the tasks – what do you notice…my favourite is the lava lamp but you must ask an adult if you have the correct ingredients (the tablets mentioned are Alka Seltzers) and if they are happy for you to make it.

I’ve been trying my best to improve at yoga during the lockdown – it is great for you physically and mentally.  Have a go at this sun salutation:

This might seem like a strange one but let’s focus on some of the positives that might have occurred in lockdown.  My daughter has become a great cook, learned a lot about gardening and developed her DIY skills too!  Have a look at the pack below and start to think of the positive things around you.

Have a look at the get creative outside sheet.  There are so many good ideas.


There’s also an I spy scavenger hunt, to make the most of your daily outdoors exercise time.

Create your own circuit for circuit training.  Have a look at the circuit cards below.  Choose some/all the exercises.  Do 2 minutes of each.  One minute break in between!

Don’t forget to choose a warm up and cool down exercise too.


Around the house scavenger hunt: Rather than just finding those items, try your best to draw them in the space provided.


Take some time to read a book!  It can be any book – maybe a particular chapter of a book you like.  Find somewhere comfortable any enjoy it.  Have a good at the book review to show why you enjoyed it so much.

Activity overview Design and Build a Den Can you design and build your own indoor, or outdoor den/fort?

Equipment needed:

Anything you think you need to build your den/fort. Some ideas to get you started: • Chairs • Sheets • Blankets


There are some Key Worker colouring sheets, perhaps relax and complete some in your den!

Here’s another great site – GoNoodle.


There are some great short videos to try, like this one on agility:




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