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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 22nd June

Well, I'm writing this whilst listening to thunder storms, even though only a few minutes ago the sun was shining!  There's even been local flooding!  Communities are once again flocking together to support those that are affected....I hope you are all safe and well where you are.  


In fact it has been yet another incredibly historic week.  For those of you watching the news, there are still continual updates about Covid-19 - but there are of course protests across the world, in support of Black Lives Matter.  I have included some work this week to help explain why the peaceful protests are happening as it can get very confusing. 


It is also National Sports Week - So as well as the usual PE lessons, you will find different activity packs under the timetable, such as creating your own family sports day and competitions to enter - together with a helpful guide for your parents/carers.


This week I have again included powerpoints for English and Maths that are like the ones you would see in class.  I have added some work to maths this week that you may only have touched on at school (angles) - so please make sure you get in contact if you need further support.


Please remember, when looking at the maths slides, you need to be in the "Slideshow" format to ensure you do not see the answers too soon.  Instructions are on slide 2 each day as a reminder.

Remember, I am always here to help:

This week's printable timetable

Week beginning:


English – Three little pigs newspaper

Maths – BODMAS and angles Let me know if you are struggling and I’ll help!

Foundation subjects

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Daily activities



Paragraph 1 of the main body


Guided reading:

Have a look at the Martin Luther King reading comprehension - which links to your PHSE.  Choose your star challenge (bottom of the sheet) - 3 being the more complex.

Order/Index problems

We are continuing with the 4 operations this week. 

See the powerpoint below

PE 1 Pumped Pilates:

Grab a sturdy chair for this workout.

You may need to cut and paste this link rather than clicking on it – to make it work.



Have a look at the powerpoint below about Black Lives Matter.  You may have seen tis discussed a lot in the news, so read through ad watch the videos included – designed specifically to help children your age understand what it means.


Spelling practise - IDL

TT rockstars

Times tables



Evidence to defend the wolf paragraph

Full BODMAS questions

See the powerpoint below


Why did the USSR and communism collapse in Europe?


Juan Miro and automatic drawing



Further investigations paragraph

Factors revision

See the powerpoint below

PE 2 Strong core mountain bike:

I’ve never seen a core workout that links to mountain biking before!  Actually a very good workout!



Can we be electricians? (Part 1)

See the PowerPoint (Science - Year 6 - Summer 2 - Lesson 4) and resources attached below. This lesson is split into two: school learning and home learning. To see the home learning lesson you will need to start on slide 9.




Angles introduction

See the powerpoint below


Do you want to be a hero?  This week we will focus on the heroes in the NHS.


Use presentation software to create a presentation for an assembly advising children about SPAM emails or fake news.



Captions and write up on column paper

Interior angles

See the powerpoint below

Creative task:

Wildlife art – hopefully you can do most of this by yourself but ask an adult for help if you need it.


Describing what is in your town/city

Extension tasks - which can be accessed any day

Have a look at the writing criteria below, which you have seen in class – where can you challenge yourself?

Maths extension tasks:

There is a variety of tasks set this week around shapes/angles.

Please ask your adult to email me if you need your login details

Well done Sam, Joseph H, Ewan, Nicola, Bertram and Lily P for completing the most MyMaths tasks this week. Remember to try and aim for at least an 80% pass!

Creative task for this week:

Feel the view – a much more tactile way of appreciating art


Don't forget the National Sports Week activities below!


English writing critieria




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