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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 29th June

How are you all?  The sun has been shining, so hopefully you are getting some exercise outside and enjoying it.  I started going for short walks this weekend and even saw 2 of you! (at a distance of course!)


This week is ART WEEK! We are focusing on Pablo Picasso: our English will be creating a biography - looking at his life and his numerous styles of art work.  Then in the afternoons, our usual lessons have been replaced with lots and lots of art!  


If you feel that you want to spend more time on a particular piece of art rather than the range that is there, please do.  I'd love to see your creations so ask an adult to take a picture and e-mail it in.  The more I get the better our display at school will be (we are hoping to make a Picasso display!)


Maybe even type up your biographies and send them over? They'd be great for our display too!


As always, I'm here if you need me:

Take care

Mrs Lennon


This week's printable timetable:

Week beginning:


English – Picasso’s biography

Maths – Angles.  Area/Perimeter

Foundation subjects

All documents can be found below the table  or via these links

Daily activities



Research Picasso



Guided reading:

To help with your research there are also fact sheets below this timetable.  Read through and see what else you can learn about the famous painter.

Triangle angles

See the powerpoint below

This should be a recap of the properties of a triangle and then applying this to missing angles work.

Art week task 1:

It’s hard to understand the way in which Picasso created portraits at first but when you really look at them, they do seem to make more sense!  Famous for his self-portraits, your task today will be to create your own Picasso inspired portrait!


PE 1 Zumba kids:

I love Zumba – the times I have tried it in classes I have always been the person going in the wrong direction! That’s why I like this video, it’s simple moves but will still get you moving (in whichever direction!)


Spelling practise - IDL

TT rockstars

Times tables



Early life paragraph


See the powerpoint below

We looked at protractors at the start of lockdown so instead we will move onto reflection of shapes.

Art Week task 2:

Through your research in English you should hopefully see that Picasso was very talented in a number of styles of art – today’s task will focus on Cubism.  Make sure you have a ruler handy (or something straight to draw against, like a book) to make sure you get the Cubist feel to your work!


Update:  If you need a little more inspiration - Have a look at our gallery to see Lucas W's self-portrait.  It's a brilliant piece of art clearly inspired by Picasso! Well done Lucas and thanks for sending it in!



Choose one of Picasso’s many styles of art that you can write a paragraph about

Area revision:

See the powerpoint below

Find the area of rectangles/squares and triangles

Art Week task 3:

You may need this time to complete the previous 2 works of art – please finish them and send me in a picture of them (email above) – However, the task today will help you practise some Picasso style features.  It does suggest you roll a dice but if you do not have one, perhaps write the numbers on little bits of folded paper and keep jumbling and picking those, to get that variety!  If you need some help to put the face together, this video is really helpful

There is a frame template if you wanted to draw your artwork into one of those too.


Update: Have a look in our gallery to see Evan’s and Joseph H’s brilliant work too! Evan chose great colours and shapes to really show his Picasso style!  Joseph created his artwork on computer and really captures the sharp lines and bright colours.  Thanks for sending those in.


PE 2 Zumba:

Sticking with the Zumba vibe today.  I chose this one as it will really help with your co-ordination and I like the music!



Choose one more style of art – try to make it a completely different style to yesterdays, to really show what a huge talent he had.

Area of a parallelogram


See the powerpoint below

Art week task 4:

I’ve chosen surrealism for your task today.  Again, when you first see the pictures they may not be very clear but really observe them and it’s quite obvious what the works of art are – have a go at creating your own surreal piece of work – once you realised what it is you’ll realise that much of what we watch on TV is quite surreal!


Update: Keep checking our gallery for the latest work being sent in, there’s even more from Joseph H and Evan, well done boys, I’m very impressed.  I’ve also been posting them in your Classdojo stories, so make sure to ask parents/carers to sign up so you can see 😊



Write a paragraph about Picasso’s legacy.

Also create an “Interesting facts” section.

Arithmetic (timed)

As we move further away from concentrating on the 4 operations (although of course we use them all of the time) I wanted to bring them all back to you with these questions…I’ve started to put fractions back in (just a little bit) – as we’ll be going back to fractions revision soon.


You can use this time to finish off any art.


(Don’t forget to take pictures and send them to me!)

What would be great is if you could choose some of your favourite facts about Picasso and create a poster or fact file about him.  Not just with words but decorating it with Picasso style art.  This would really help on our display to explain to the other Sawley children who Picasso was. Remember there are some WAGOLLs under the timetable.



Science (Lesson 5)


Can we be electricians? (Part 2)


*See the PowerPoint and resources attached below.


Update:  I've put a little hello video on our class story on Classdojo - it would be lovely to hear from you!

Extension tasks - which can be accessed any day

Create a one page fact-file, in as creative way as possible (See the ones below) – include some examples of art – be Picasso!

Maths extension tasks:

There is a variety of tasks set this week around shapes/angles.

Please ask your adult to email me if you need your login details

Well done Sam, Ewan, Bertram and Lily P for completing the most MyMaths tasks this week. Remember to try and aim for at least an 80% pass!

Creative task for this week:

Well the whole week has been creative so let’s get back to the cooking!

Pitta bread pizzas were one of the first meals my daughter learnt how to cook and we still eat them regularly (last weekend in fact!) – as long as you have the passata (next to the tinned tomatoes in the supermarkets – it’s cooked/blended tomatoes) or tomato paste and cheese, you can put any toppings on it!  We tend to use whatever is in the fridge.  Enjoy!


Don't forget to make sure all of your Powerpoints are in slide show view




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