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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Picture News

Picture News


Picture News is about learning from the world around us - teaching children current affairs through Picture News.

Each week they choose a current news story, provide an image, a thought-provoking question and a variety of teaching resources.


During school closure, the company are sharing their resources for free - please feel free to use them as you wish.


The resources are designed to provide opportunities for children to learn from our world and develop respect for other’s beliefs, feelings and faiths. They encourage exploration, discussion, challenge and inspire children to learn!


The company also offer a recorded session led by experienced teachers EVERY WEEK for you to share based around the pack  - find these at


If anyone wishes to use the Picture News blank newspaper to complete an article - we can send these back to Picture News who may publish some in their main paper which will be sent to over 4,500 schools around the UK!

Newspaper Template

 - have a go at writing your own article. If you wish to send it back to Picture News - who may publish it in their newspaper - email to

Should we always believe what we hear from the news?
What is VE Day?
What makes some toys more popular than others?
Captain Tom Moore
Do we think people will travel less in the future?
Are video games the next best thing to our real lives?




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