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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Sawley Lockdown Memories

Sawley Lockdown 2020

- a collection of COVID-19 lockdown memories and photos from the Sawley Junior School community 2020.

I would like to invite our school community – children, staff, parents and governors to share their experiences here in this book which will I hope will become a record of our journey through these strange times.


We are now in our fourth week of lockdown and the way in which we are living our lives has changed so much.


This COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that we are currently living through will be tomorrow’s history. Children in the future will learn about this virus and how it affected the whole world.  I would like us to share with them how we coped, how we spent our time and how we came together as a community to support one another. I have started the book off by writing a little bit about what I've been upto.


I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to at home – it doesn’t have to be school work! You can send me writing, poems, drawings or photos to add to this book that will then become a record of how Sawley families lived through the COVID-19 lockdown. You can send things in as many times as you like. Whose contribution will be first?


Please email contributions to and I will add them to our book - - keep checking back for updates and to see what everyone else is doing.


All entries must come from an adult’s email address which we will then take as permission for the contribution to be shared on the website and in the book.


Thank you - Mrs Burton

Please find the entries so far below. I've had so many entries with lovely photos -  the file was getting too large and was slowing down my computer so I've had to start a new Chapter!

Contributors so far!

Mrs Burton


Tuesday 14th April:

Radyson-H G in 3SW, Mason R in 3G, Liam B in 4G (with a message for Mrs Allen), Ruby D (5P) & Sophie D 3SW


Wednesday 15th April:

Ewan S in 6W, Mrs Joyce, Bodhi J in 3SW, Jessica-Grace P in 6W, Jake B in 5J, Isobel P in 4G, Finlay H in 5J & Cerys, Emily A in 6D & Caitlin A in 4F, Erin G in 4G, Mrs LennonEvan S in 6D, Eryka S in 3SW, Aiden B in 5P


Thursday 16th April:

Jacob F in 5P, Violet G in 4G, Mrs SteadAlex and Jake T in 4F, Miss Gill


Saturday 18th April:

Peppa the Cat! Penny M in 3P, James G in 5P


Monday 20th April:

Mrs Whitmore, Beth C in 4D, Marli J in 3SW, Gracie H in 6W & Georgia H in 3G, Mrs Whittington, Maddison S in 6LW


Tuesday 21st April:

Miss White, Febe S in 5P, Eloise F in 4F, Miss Green


Wednesday 22nd April:

D’vonté EB in 5J, Miss ParkinsonSophie TB in 3P, Mrs Shilcock


Monday 27th April:

Jade H in 4G, Ethan H in 6D, Fearne S in 5J, Mrs Haigh (CEO), Phoebe L in 6LW, Mr Webb


Wednesday 29th April

Max A in 5J & Charlie A in 3SW, Mrs Briggs, Darcey T in 4G, Finlay H in 5J (and Cerys), Seb T in 4G, Tim Taylor – (Amy in 3P’s Dad), Harry B in 3SW


Thursday 30th April

Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore!


Tuesday 5th May

Lily P in 6LW, Louie M in 3P, Mrs Cotter



Tuesday 5th May

Freya in 6LW, Andy Taylor (WAT Board of Directors), Miss Fulford


Wednesday 6th May

Sophie C in 5J


Tuesday 2nd June

Keeley in 4F, Olivia & Abigail in 6D, Amelia B 4F, Henry S in 4G, Jayden in 4D



Thursday 2nd July

Max A in 5J & Charlie A in 3SW, Millicent N in 4D, Amelia P in 4F




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