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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 1

Hello Year 5! Here you can find activities for this week (week beginning Monday 23rd March). There is no specific order that you need to follow, for example you don't have to do Week 1 activities on Week 1, but they are separated to give you some structure and routine!


Just a reminder that there is no requirement for you to do these activities. As independent learners, you should pick activities which you think will benefit you the most! These are here from your teachers to give you some guidance and support with your learning so that we can still help you even though we can't be with you! Any questions, no matter how big or small, email Miss Parkinson using who will be updating these pages!


Remember, there are also extra activities for each subject on the Learning from Home Year 5 page




Updates this week:


24/03/20 Good afternoon, Year 5! I have popped another PowerPoint called 'Week 1 Other Activities.' There are a range of reading, Geography, Computing, PE and RE activities. Again, there is no requirement to do them, please choose the activities that you want to do and which will help you with your learning the most. 


Don’t forget, we are always here to help you. If you would like to email me, please do (ask permission from a grown up first). My email address is  
I’ll check my emails everyday and will reply to you ASAP. Even though it's not in person, I’m still here, even if it is to just say hello!


23/03/20  Hello Year 5! Hope you are all staying safe and enjoying being independent learners!


I have added a Maths Powerpoint with some fractions and decimals work for you to complete this week. There is no requirement to do it - you choose the activities which will benefit you as learners the most (if you prefer to do the other activities under the Maths heading, that is fine). We did similar work a couple of weeks ago, so this is recapping your learning. There are also MyMaths activities on there which link to fractions and decimals for you to complete (email me if you need your MyMaths login!).


I have also added an English Powerpoint with some work on letters. Again, you choose the activities which will benefit you the most.


Audible have announced that whilst schools are closed, all stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet so you can enjoy listening to a range of books whilst you are at home!


Many of you may have already seen that The Body Coach (Joe) is doing PE lessons at 9am everyday on YouTube for children to join in with! The videos are still up there later if you prefer to do it at a different time!


Enjoy! Miss Parkinson :)




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