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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 10 - Half Term

Hello Year 5! You have been doing really well working at home over the past few weeks! This week (w/b 25th May) would have been 'half term' if we were at school, so there is no work being set this week - you need to have a break!


I have put a few fun activities on this page if you are looking for something to do and want to keep busy. There is no expectation to do any of these activities! Just pick a few to do if you want to!




It is always important to look after our mental health, especially during lockdown. As our daily lives have changed a lot and you might be missing your friends and family, it is normal to be feeling a little more worried than usual. These activities are here to help you relax, feel calm and look after yourself! 


Whilst you have some free time, it is a good idea to express your creativity! Creative activities help us to relax, develop our concentration, thinking and imagination skills! 


* remember to abide to social distancing rules if you go outside smiley


At school you would usually have PE lessons twice a week and daily break and lunch times where you are able to run around the playground and keep active! It is important to look after our physical health too, so make sure you are finding time to keep active! Here are some ideas! (Remember, if you go outside, make sure you stick to social distancing rules!)

Science Experiments

Here are some fun practical science investigations! Remember to ask a grown up to help you with these.

Home Learning

Here are some fun learning activities related to Maths and English. There is no expectation to do these activities (it is your half term!), they are here if you enjoy these types of activities! smiley

TTRS are attempting a world record! Click on the letter below for full rules!




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