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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 10

Hi Year 4, I hope you had a lovely week last week.


This week (week beginning 25th May 2020) it's half term so I won't be setting the usual English, Maths and afternoon sessions - you've earned yourself a break! I've added a range of activities for you to have a go at but there's no requirement to complete any of the activities this week - it's up to you what you choose to do!


There are some mindfulness activities to get on with as it's important during this time that we look after ourselves. It can sometimes feel very uncertain and worrying when life is a bit different and when our routines aren't what they usually are so you really need to look after yourselves and remember to talk about how you're feeling. These activities can be quite calming and might help you to relax or take your mind of any worries you might have.


There are also some creative activities to have a go at including some science experiments and arty activities to get stuck into and I've added some other activities like dance and P.E to have a look at too.


I've added a timetable below to give a bit of structure if that's helpful to you but feel free to create your own using the activities I've added below, you don't need to follow any order and you're welcome to skip any activities you don't fancy doing. I've added some extra activities that aren't included on the timetable too so just check below to find those. I've added some website links to some Top Marks games and Science experiments below the videos so remember to scroll all the way to the bottom to find those! I've also linked Bitesize who do daily lessons on lots of different subjects if you wanted to maintain your routine and keep up with some learning.


Have a wonderful half term, I'd love you to send over any of the activities you completed - I'd be happy to add them to the gallery page we've created. My email is:


Mrs Joyce smiley

Half term: 25/05/2020 Mindfulness Creative Other Daily Activities
Monday Fill in your well-being journal for Monday and learn some brain break breathing. Try the dissolving science experiment. Have a go at some fitness activities (provided below)

Reading (Quiz on Accelerated Reader)

Times tables practice (Hit the Button on the TopMarks website is great for this, so is TT Rockstars)

Handwriting (on lined paper, practice writing out a couple of sentences from your reading book in your neatest cursive handwriting, I've also added some poems below)

P.E (Joe Wicks, GoNoodle, Dance/Yoga/HIIT routines on YouTube)

Practice your spellings (I've added some below)

Tuesday Fill in your well-being journal for Tuesday and write down some of the positives of lockdown on the sheet provided. Draw your favourite book character (I've added a tutorial below for DOAWK fans). Complete the Emoji Code Breaking activity.
Wednesday Fill in your well-being journal for Wednesday and write a book review for a book you've recently finished.

Create a lava lamp!

Make an origami butterfly using the instructions below.

Do an 'around the house scavenger hunt' to find objects made from different materials.
Thursday Fill in your well-being journal for Thursday and create your own 'Things to look forward to' jar. Decorate a Thankyou NHS poster for your bedroom window. I've added one to put on your bins for the bin workers too. Have a go at learning a dance routine (I've left a couple of videos below).
Friday Fill in your well-being journal for Friday and read your book somewhere peaceful.

Create fireworks in a jar.

Write a lockdown diary talking about all of the home learning you've been up to! 


How To Draw Greg From Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

How To Draw Rodrick Heffley From Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Uptown Funk - Easy Kids Dance Fitness Warming-up - Choreography

Can't stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake - Kids Easy Fitness Dance Video - Choreography




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