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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 11

Hello Year 5!

I hope you have managed to have a nice break from work over what would have been half term. We would normally be returning to school again this week (w/b Monday 1st June), so I have added a new timetable. It is recommended that you do one English activity, one Maths activity and one other activity a day as suggested on the timetable. As it is a new half term, we will be starting our new Learning Challenge...What is the impact of international trade on me? This is one of my favourite Learning Challenges as we will be doing lots of geography such as looking at how far food has travelled around the world!


Please also make sure that you are finding time to relax and look after your mental health during these different times! There are lots of mindfulness, fun and relaxing activities on the half term page. Feel free to go back and do some of these!


Remember, if you have any questions or would like to email me some of your fantastic work, then ask an adult to send it to


Have a super week and keep safe! :) 

Week beg. 1.6.20



Learning Activities

Daily activities


Identify features of a biography.

(English PowerPoint from slide 1)

I can convert miles and kilometres.

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 1)

Learning challenge: Locate on a map and label the food miles for a range of foods imported into the United Kingdom

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 1)


Spelling practise IDL – (for those that have a login)

Spellings – new spellings to learn (English PowerPoint from slide 32)

TT Rockstars

Times Tables


Answer questions about a biography.

 (English PowerPoint from slide 16)

I can convert between grams and kilograms.

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 14)

Learning challenge: Record information about the most traded foods internationally.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 13)


Answer questions about a biography.

(English PowerPoint from slide 19)

I can convert units of mass.

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 22)

RE: Explain who Buddha was and why he is important to Buddhists today.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 27)


Identify and use relative pronouns and relative clauses

(English PowerPoint from slide 21)

I can convert between pounds and kilograms.

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 29)

Learning challenge: Explain some of the concerns about food miles.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 42)


Identify and use relative pronouns and relative clauses

(English PowerPoint from slide 30)

I can apply measures and conversions in context.

 (Maths PowerPoint from slide 35)


Complete Lesson 1 of Summer 2.

How can we separate mixtures?

(See PowerPoint and resources below)





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