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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 13

Hi Year 4, I hope you're all doing well and keeping safe.


This week (week beginning 15th June 2020) your Maths will be focused on shape & symmetry and your English will be continuing with setting descriptions to prepare for writing our adventure stories. I hope you enjoyed creating your model transport last week to finish our topic! We're now moving on to Where on Earth am I? Mapping the world. We are now coming to the end of our Sikhism unit in RE and this week there is a PE activity to complete. Your new PE area for this half term is football so if you have a football somewhere around your home it would be great to locate it!


Any resources for this week will be added below the timetable. 


I hope you all have a fantastic week! If you have any questions about any of the activities set, or would like any support materials or further extensions to tasks, please contact me on 


Mrs Joyce smiley

Week beginning: 15/06/2020 Maths English PM Activities Daily Activities

L.O: I can identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes.

L.O: I can use inference to answer questions about a setting.

L.O: I can label poles and hemispheres on a map.

Use the power point (slides 1-7) to define the key terms and label a map. The blank map template can be found below with the power point.

- 9.00am P.E with Joe Wicks

- Handwriting practice

- Spelling practice

- Daily reading and completing AR quizzes

- Times tables practice



L.O: I can identify lines of symmetry in a pattern.

L.O: I can use inference to answer questions about a setting.

L.O: I can investigate the differences between map style resources.

Use the power point (slides 8-18) to compare and contrast satellite vs map images and the different uses of maps, atlases and globes. The power point can be found below this timetable.


L.O: I can complete a simple symmetrical figure.

L.O: I can identify the key features of a setting description.


LO: I can understand why clearing litter matters.

Read the slides attached below and complete the task outlined.


L.O: I can investigate a problem using symmetry.

L.O: I can use prepositions in my setting description.

L.O: I can find out about Sikh funerals and beliefs on life after death. 

Read the slides below and complete the activity 5B worksheet about what Sikhs believe about what happens after death and what you believe. Feel free to complete the acrostic poem as an extension activity!


L.O: I can investigate a problem using symmetry.

L.O: I can use the key features of a setting description to write my own version to grip the reader.

L.O: I can improve my ball accuracy, stamina and coordination.

Below is a youtube video for you to follow. All you'll need is a ball and a bit of space where there is nothing breakable around! Follow the training and conditioning video to improve your accuracy with the football.


5 Minute warm up exercises


Football training at home for kids.

The Ultimate Indoor Football Workout - Soccer training for kids at home

Extension activity if the first activity wasn't challenging enough - RECOMMENDED TO BE DONE OUTSIDE WHERE POSSIBLE YEAR 4!




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