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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 14

Hello Year 5s,


We're into Week 14 of lockdown (week beginning 22nd June)! It's my birthday on the 25th which means we are half way through the year until Christmas! Where has 2020 gone? It feels like we've only just had Christmas - it doesn't feel like half a year ago! I'm sure you are getting used to learning from home by now. I am looking forward to when it will be safe for us all to go back and we can all see each other again. Hope you are all ok and staying safe! smiley


This week, we are continuing our Learning Challenge 'What is the impact of International Trade on me?' English lessons will be SPaG and reading focused again and Maths will continue to follow the White Rose scheme.


It is also National Sports Week this week! I have attached some fun activities below for you to have a go at and a useful guide for parents too. Remember, if you want to send any photos of you having a go at the activities, I will put them on our gallery page!


If you have any questions or would like to email me some of your fantastic work, then ask an adult to send it to mail


Have fun!

Week beg. 22.6.20



Learning Activities

Daily Activities


Identify and use modal verbs

(English PowerPoint from slide 1)

Recognise the % symbol & write percentages

 (Maths PowerPoint from slide 1)

Learning challenge: Investigate the diversity of fresh water supplies around the world.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 1)


Spelling practise IDL – (for those that have a login)

Spellings –spellings to learn and activities (English PowerPoint from slide 64)

TT Rockstars

Times Tables

Handwriting (English PowerPoint slide 68 for ideas)



Identify and use modal verbs

 (English PowerPoint from slide 16)

Solve problems which require knowing percentage & decimal equivalents

 (Maths PowerPoint from slide 15)

Art: I can draw small objects focusing on details.

 (Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 11)


Please have a look at the racism assembly PowerPoint.


Retrieve information and key details to answer questions about Rosa Parks

(English PowerPoint from slide 22)

Add decimals with the same number of decimal places

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 24)

RE: To find out about the Buddhist beliefs of karma and rebirth.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 13)



Use SPaG knowledge to answer test-style questions

(English PowerPoint from slide 24)

Add decimals with a different number of decimal places

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 31)

Computing: Use computing software to promote e-safety.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 16)


Revise and consolidate knowledge of personal and possessive pronouns

(English PowerPoint from slide 45)

Solve problems using knowledge of percentages and decimals 

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 40)



How can we get drinkable water from seawater?


(See PowerPoint and resources below)



Don't forget you can take quizzes when you have read a book! Use the link below! smiley


Just a reminder that I have set lots of activities on MyMaths if there are any areas of Maths that you would like to practise smiley if you can't find your login, just drop me an email with your name and class.




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