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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 2

Hello Year 5! Here you can find activities for this week (week beginning Monday 30th March). There is no specific order that you need to follow, for example you don't have to do Week 2 activities on Week 2, you can always go back to Week 1, but they are separated to give you some structure and routine!


Just a reminder that there is no requirement for you to do these activities. As independent learners, you should pick activities which you think will benefit you the most! These are here from your teachers to give you some guidance and support with your learning so that we can still help you even though we can't be with you! Any questions, no matter how big or small, email Miss Parkinson using who will be updating these pages!


Remember, there are also extra activities for each subject on the Learning from Home Year 5 page

English Activities
Maths Activities
Extra Activities

Updates this week:


03/04/20 Hello again! I have created some Kahoot quizzes for you to do! Go to and type in the number codes to play the quizzes!


North America: 0447444

Bit of a fun one: how well do you know Miss Parkinson?: 292104


03/04/20 Hello Year 5! Thank you to all those children who have sent me your rainbows, letters and other activities that you have been doing! I love seeing your work and what you have been getting up to! Keep them coming! Has anyone had a go at the North America countries or states quiz? How many did you manage to name? Let me know your scores!

5P you have the most children who have completed the MyMaths activities with some super scores! 5J - a few of you have done them and need to catch up! Remember, ask me for your login if you are unsure!

I will put up some fun Easter activities for you next week as it would have been the Easter holidays!


01/04/20 Hello everybody! Hope you haven't fallen for any April Fool's! Just a message to say that I have set some more MyMaths activities. MyMaths is a great website because it has tasks that help you with areas of Maths that we have learnt in lessons. It is a good way to recap and revisit your learning and to keep practicing. Your teachers can also see who has completed the tasks and view your scores so we can see how you are doing and if you need any more help in specific areas.


I have also set some Maths Extra Challenges for those who have already completed the first PowerPoint! Go through the Extra PowerPoint first and then have a go at the worksheet. These are trickier and designed to challenge you so don't worry if you're finding them difficult at first! Think of these activities as 'Twisted 2' and 'Deep Dives' in Maths lessons!


There is now an English Extra Activities PowerPoint above for you to show off your 'show, don't tell' techniques! I would love to see your fabulous writing - feel free to send any super ideas to and we can put some of your writing on this page! 


30/03/20 Good morning, Year 5! Hope you are all ok and enjoyed the sunshine last week. To keep you busy this week, I have put another PowerPoint called 'Week 2 Other Activities.' Remember, choose the activities that you would like to do and which will help you the most with your learning. If there are still activities from the Week 1 PowerPoint that you want to do, then do them! There is no specific order you need to follow, it is just to separate the weeks a little for those that would like some structure. 


I have added a Maths Powerpoint and an English Powerpoint (see above). These are there to help you revisit your learning so you don't forget it and to give you some extra practice and guidance! Please only do activities that will help you the most. I hope you are using the time to do things you enjoy and that you are all keeping safe!






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