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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 5

Hello Year 5!


I hope you have had a lovely break over your "Easter Holidays." As you would usually be returning to school, I have created some more activities for you to do this week (week beginning Monday 20th April). Hopefully you will enjoy doing these activities as we will start our new Learning Challenge...The Victorian Era: Exploration and Empire! There are some fun research activities to get you started and to give you some ideas.


I have also given you some new spellings to practise and lots more activities which can be found on the powerpoint - I'm sure some of you must be getting bored by now and want to try and do 'normal' work! Don't forget to ensure you are relaxed. I don't want any of you to stress about work - I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to follow by putting top tips and guidance on the powerpoint. If it is too tricky, see if a grown up can help you, if not, just move on to a different activity and we can look at it when we are back :) 


Just a reminder that there is no requirement for you to do these activities. As independent learners, you should pick activities which you think will benefit you the most! These are here from your teachers to give you some guidance and support with your learning so that we can still help you even though we can't be with you! Any questions, no matter how big or small, email Miss Parkinson using who will be updating these pages!


Remember, there are also extra activities for each subject on the Learning from Home Year 5 page and you can go back to any of the powerpoints from the previous weeks. Enjoy!

English Activities
Maths Activities
Extra Activities

Here are the codes for the quizzes once you go on Kahoot! Please don't forget to enter your first name so that I can put you on the leaderboard!

All about Mrs J: 04613274

All about Miss P: 010386


Well done to all of you who played the North America quiz! Here are our top 5 winners!

North America Quiz Leaderboard!












Updates this week:


22/04/20 Hello! I've put the template documents for character profiles / book and film reviews etc up on this page so it's easier to download if you want to use them. I know that some of you may not have a printer - do not worry, these are just here to help. You can use them to make your own handwritten one. A lot of the activities on the PowerPoint are designed for you to do without a printer, however, if there's any that you are struggling to do, don't worry about them.


21/04/20 Hello everyone! I hope you are all ok! It's been lovely to see what some of you have been doing in the Lockdown Memories book (I've just sent an entry to Mrs Burton too!) and it's been nice to have had some emails from you to see how you are all doing with work.


I just wanted to say, please do not worry about work. These are very strange times and if you are doing any work at all, then you are doing great! Do not worry that you are getting 'behind' because you're not. Do whatever you think will help you, whether that is improving your reading, handwriting, times tables, MyMaths or working through the PowerPoints and picking some activities from there. You may have even seen a new website called The Oak National Academy which has got lots of online lessons that you might choose to do: . You can do whatever is best for you, but you must NOT worry about it. Don't worry if you're doing something different to your friend - they may want to improve their learning in a different area, but you choose what you think will help you the most. Some days, that might be doing something arty and creative to relax, some days that might be doing some Maths or English activities. I want to help in any way I can which is why I will continue to put work on these pages. Please choose the activities that you would like to do and if there is one that is too tricky for you to complete, then move on to something else and we will help you when you are back.


21/04/20 New Kahoot quiz - How well do you know Mrs Joyce? Enter the code: 04613274 to play!


20/04/20 If the Kahoot code for 'how well do you know Miss Parkinson?' wasn't working, please try this new one: 010386 Don't forget to enter your name when you play!


19/04/20 Just a reminder that the Kahoot quizzes only have a few days left for you to complete them if you want to have a go! (just for fun!) I will be announcing the top 3 winners in a few days! Don't forget to enter your first name when you play so I know who you are!


Go to: and type in the codes below.


North America: 0447444

Bit of a fun one: how well do you know Miss Parkinson?: 010386




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