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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 6

Hi Year 4,


This week we've decided to add more of a structure to your day so from now on I'll be planning 1x English, 1x Maths and 1x Learning Challenge lesson for each day. These will be found on the timetable below. There will also be additional weekly activities to be getting on with if you wanted to have a go at some extra tasks too. Each task should take around 45-60 minutes to complete. If it's taking you a lot longer, don't worry, just do part of it on one day and continue the activity the next day! Year 4 have decided to follow The Oak Academy lessons from the government so links to these lessons will be attached to the timetable. There will be a mix of these lessons and activities you'll be more used to from school. We will be continuing your transport topic in Learning Challenge for this half term. Any questions about the new timetable, please email me on


This week English will focus on stories. Maths will focus on Area and Perimeter. Learning Challenge will continue your Transport topic.


Week beginning 27/04/20 English Maths Learning Challenge Daily Activities

L.O: I can answer questions about a text focusing on word meaning.

L.O: I can understand that area i a measure of surface and is measured in square units.

L.O: I can use a map to plot a cycle route using a key to identify road types.

Use google maps or a print out of a local map  to create a cycle route from your home using small/country roads and cycle paths where you can. Extension: can you use one of your daily exercise slots to cycle the route with a family member? Remember, your route will need to be circular so that you can get home within 45 minutes.

P.E. With Joe Wicks 9.00am

TT Rockstars

IDL Spelling support

Spelling practice (Word list in 20/04/20)

Handwriting practice ( 0/04/20 resources)




L.O: I can develop language skills through reading narrative texts.

L.O: I can find the area of rectangles.

L.O: I can use research to debate hybrid vs. electric cars.

Using the research below, develop your knowledge of the pros and cons of electric and hybrid cars. Using your new knowledge write a recommendation to answer the question: 

"Should all cars be electric or hybrid from 2022?"


L.O: I can identify key features of a narrative.

L.O: I can calculate and compare the area of rectangles (and squares) using square centimetres.

L.O: I can explain the use of canals past and present.

Using the sources provided below, write a paragraph about how Britain's canals were used in the past. What were they used to transport? Why?

Next, write a paragraph to explain how their use changed over time. Draw a picture to illustrate the uses for both past and present next to each paragraph. 


L.O: I can uplevel my writing using fronted adverbials.

L.O: I can calculate and compare the area of rectangles (and squares) using square metres.

L.O: I can gather information about a transport type in the UK.

Choose a transport type you would see in the UK. As an example, you could choose canal boats to follow on from the work you did yesterday. Your task today is to create a research fact sheet, bullet pointing lots of facts about that transport type. You will need to find facts that will fit under the following headings: Key features (what do they look like? What makes them similar/different to other transport types?) Advantages (Why choose this transport type over others? What are the benefits of using this type of transport?) Where? (Where in Britain can you use this transport type? Anywhere it can't be used?)

Did you know? (Write some unique, interesting facts about it)


L.O: I can use the key features of a narrative to construct my story.

L.O: I can investigate the relationship between area and perimeter.

L.O: I can produce a leaflet to display information about a transport type in the UK.

Using the research you did yesterday, create a leaflet about that text type. Leaflet template is provided below.

The first page should be eye catching, including a picture and title. The next page should have all of the key features under your heading. You could draw a labelled diagram to show these too! Next page should include your advantages and where facts and the final page should show off all of the exciting facts you found out for the Did you know heading. I'd love to see the finished pieces so feel free to send them to me and I can display them on the website!


Learning Challenge Resources 27/04/20



Attached below are 3 articles to help with Monday's Canal lesson. These should contain plenty of information and pictures about how the use of canals in Britain have changed over time. There are also two documents to help develop your understanding of electric and hybrid cars for Tuesday's debate lesson - feel free to do extra research!


Next, I've uploaded a template of a leaflet but feel free to just fold your own paper into thirds so you can decide on the layout yourselves. I have also included an example of a leaflet about electric bikes so you can see how they have organised their information.

Hybrid vs electric cars




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