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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 8

Hello Year 5! I hope you are all keeping safe. Here are the activities for this week (week beginning 11th May). Just like last week, there is a suggested timetable to help you get some structure and routine into your day. It is recommended that you do one English activity, one Maths activity and one other learning activity a day. Do what you can with the resources you have at home. Each activity should take around 45-60 minutes. If it is taking longer, stop, take a break and move on to the next activity. Do not worry if you are finding it tricky - if you are trying your best and doing what you can, then you are doing brilliantly! Remember, this is just a suggestion so see what you can fit into your day. Make sure you are finding time to relax and have fun as well!


Remember, you can always email me if you need any help :)  


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Week beg. 11.5.20



Learning Activities

Daily activities


Summarise the story of Oliver Twist so far and make predictions of what will happen next.

(English PowerPoint from slide 1)

I can use co-ordinates to describe a shape’s position after translation

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 1)

Learning challenge:

Explain how Victoria ruled the world.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 1)


Spelling practise IDL – (for those that have a login)

Spellings (English PowerPoint from slide 54 for ideas)

TT Rockstars



Summarise the story of Oliver Twist so far and make predictions of what will happen next.

 (English PowerPoint from slide 10)

I can identify and describe reflections

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 10)

Computing: Alien Dance Party with SpriteLab

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 11)


Retrieve key details to show understanding of characters, information and events

(English PowerPoint from slide 19)

I can describe reflections using coordinates

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 18)

RE: Understand the importance of Muhammad to Muslims’ daily lives

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 15)


Finish reading Oliver Twist and create a new front cover

(English PowerPoint from slide 32)

I can reflect shapes along axis

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 26)

Learning challenge: Explain some of the positive and negative consequences of The British Empire

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 24)


Plan my own narrative based on Oliver Twist

(English PowerPoint from slide 41)

I can reason about reflection

 (Maths PowerPoint from slide 32)

Science lesson: What is a day?


PowerPoint and resources attached below.




Your brilliant work!

Have a look at the super work that you have been doing so far

You can send any photos of your work to if you would like it to appear on the page!


Kahoot Quizzes

Well done to all of the children who took part in the kahoot quizzes! New leaderboard up for the Maths Quiz! More quizzes coming soon!


Maths – tables, line graphs and charts!

All of these children got 100%!


Mia O







Ruby D





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