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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 9

TTRS are attempting a world record attempt! Click on the letter below for full rules

If you need your login in details, ask an adult to email Mrs Lennon for them (please include your class). Good luck!

Hi Year 4, welcome to week 9 (Week beginning 18/05/2020). I hope you all had a lovely week last week.


This week we are continuing with measurement problems in Maths and English is looking at Non-Chronological Reports. For the afternoon sessions, I've included 2 Learning Challenge lessons for Monday and Tuesday. These are relating to your transport topic and this week we are looking at international travel by discovering facts about the busiest air and sea ports. I've attached a PowerPoint presentation below which will detail what your tasks are for Monday and Tuesday. You have a science lesson, an RE lesson (continuing from your lesson last week about Sikhism) and I've added a computing lesson on Friday which is creating and debugging code for a Minecraft game. I hope you enjoy all of these activities and remember to share your work by emailing me or any of your Year 4 teachers. We'd love to see what you've been up to and we'd be delighted to display your work on our web page with the other fantastic pieces we have already displayed.


Above, you should have seen some information about a TT Rockstars world record attempt. What a fantastic thing to be a part of, I hope you consider giving it a go!


I hope you all have a lovely week,


Mrs Joyce smiley



Week beginning 18/05/2020 English Maths Learning Challenge Daily Activities

L.O: I can read a non-chronological report using inference to answer questions.

L.O: I can develop strategies to plan and solve weight problems.


L.O: I can design my own airport, considering what makes the busiest airports so successful.

Below is a powerpoint which goes through the top 5 busiest airports in the world and gives all the information needed to carry out the task! Slides 1-12


P.E with Joe Wicks 9.00am


TT Rockstars


IDL Spelling support


Spelling practice (words list in 20/04/20)


Cursive handwriting practice (resources in  20/04/20)


L.O: I can read a non-chronological report and use inference to answer questions.

L.O: I can develop strategies to plan and solve money problems.


L.O: I can research seaports and present my findings clearly.

Using the same powerpoint as yesterday (Airports and Seaports) go to slides 13-22 for information about your task. All resources are on the slides.


L.O: I can identify the key features of a non-chronological report.

L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve money problems.



LO: I can use a key and evidence to identify a vertebrate. 


*See Science PowerPoint and resources below.


L.O: I can identify and use conjunctions in a non-chronological report.

L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve length problems.

L.O: I can discover what naming ceremonies in Sikhism are and how they are conducted.

Below you will find a set of slides and activities following on from the lesson last week about Sikhism. After you have read through the slides and completed the worksheets, can you answer the following questions?

• Can you describe what a ‘Naam Karan’ ceremony is?

• Can you explain how Sikh babies are given their names?

• Can you identify similarities and differences between Sikh naming ceremonies and those of other religions? 


L.O: I can use the key features of a non-chronological report to write my own version.


L.O: I can plan and develop strategies to solve measurement problems.

L.O: I can write code and debug existing code.

Go onto the website and choose the Voyage Aquatic game. Choose your character (Alex or Steve) and watch the video explaining your mission. Use the code blocks to write the code so that Alex/Steve can complete their mission and move to the next level. Continue to write/debug code until you complete the level. Feel free to try the second game (Hero's Journey)  or extras (Minecraft Adventurer and Minecraft Designer) as an extension if you enjoyed it!

International Airports and Seaports




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