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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week 9

Hello Year 5! I hope you are all ok! Next week will be 'half term' so this is the last week of our Victorian Era Learning Challenge (week beginning 18th May). Just like previous weeks, there is a suggested timetable to help you get some structure and routine into your day. It is recommended that you do one English activity, one Maths activity and one other learning activity a day. Do what you can with the resources you have at home. Each activity should take around 45-60 minutes. If it is taking longer, stop, take a break and move on to the next activity. Do not worry if you are finding it tricky - if you are trying your best and doing what you can, then you are doing brilliantly! Remember, this is just a suggestion so see what you can fit into your day. Make sure you are finding time to relax and have fun as well!


Remember, you can always email me if you need any help or to send any pictures of your fabulous work! You are all working so hard and I would love to see some of it. Well done everyone! 


Scroll down for updates!

Week beg. 18.5.20



Learning Activities

Daily activities


Write the opening to a Victorian narrative.

(English PowerPoint from slide 1)

I can convert between seconds, minutes and hours

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 1)

Learning challenge:

Investigate the significant achievements of Mary Kingsley

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 1)


Spelling practise IDL – (for those that have a login)

Spellings (English PowerPoint from slide 43 for ideas)

TT Rockstars



Write the build-up to a Victorian narrative.

 (English PowerPoint from slide 14)

Solve problems by converting between hours and minutes

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 12)

Art: Draw Queen Victoria

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 8)


Write the problem to a Victorian narrative.

(English PowerPoint from slide 22)

Convert between units of length

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 18)

RE: Relate our experience of role-models and influences on our lives with those of Muslims.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 10)


Write the problem to a Victorian narrative.

(English PowerPoint from slide 28)

Use knowledge of length conversion to solve problems

(Maths PowerPoint from slide 26)

Learning challenge: Describe how Britain governed new territories in which it had built settlements.

(Learning Activities PowerPoint from slide 17)


Write the resolution and ending to a Victorian narrative.

(English PowerPoint from slide 34)

Find the perimeter and convert units of measurement

 (Maths PowerPoint from slide 32)

Science lesson: 

Why do we have seasons?

*See lesson PowerPoint below.




20/05/20 Hello everyone! Hope you're all getting on ok! Thank you to those who have sent me some pictures of your work, it is lovely to see how you are all doing! I have created a new Kahoot Quiz to finish our Victorian Era topic! Enter the code below to play. Please remember to enter your first name and only play once so everyone can have a turn. Enjoy!

Game pin: 07951738

TTRS are attempting a world record! Click on the letter below for full rules!

If you need your login in details, ask an adult to email Mrs Lennon for them (please include your class). Good luck!




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