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  • Headteacher: Mrs A Burton
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Taylor

Week beginning 30/03/20

02/04/20 Good morning!  I love that there are so many sites that are now free, so you can find plenty of things to do and learn.  Today's favourite of mine is Kahoot.  They have added a new "assign" feature so I can send links to you to play the Kahoots at home!  So here are a couple - let me know if you would like some more!

Go to and enter any of these game pins (I think i'll be able to see how you do but this a new feature to me!):

Angles - 0609319

Time - 0756570

Rainforest - 0135653

Nouns - 0325931


01/04/20 April Fools! Did you manage to trick any of your family? Today’s task links to a site I absolutely love, called The literacy shed.  The animations are amazing (you may recognise a few that you’ve seen in class before!) - each clip comes with an idea for writing.  One of my favourites is “Ride of Passage.” Maybe you could recite the story? Or perhaps link this to science and do a little research on each of the animals he comes across.  Perhaps you could imagine you were interviewing him about his final choice (no spoilers!) - what questions would help you understand why he made the choice that he did?
or flick through and watch some of the other clips and have a go at the tasks underneath it! 


31/03/20  Today's update was inspired by - Happy news!  There is a massive amount of coverage of Covid 19 right now and although it's important we all know what's happening, it would be nice to be reminded of the happy things that are also happening in the world.  Have a look at the link at some of it - maybe even look for the St Louis Zoo penguins day out and Sea World's sea lion adventures too!  Look for the happy or simply bizarre news.  Perhaps create your own front page of the happiest news you can find?  Newsround and is a great place to start for some stories :)


Also, have a look at the  bottom of the page for more free celebrity sessions you can take part in, from PE with Joe - to cooking with Jamie Oliver!  Enjoy!


30/03/20 Have you seen this version of Baby Shark?!  Now with bubble guppies and great advice




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